Monday, July 18, 2022

Erectus Stupido

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 Erectus Stupido

“If another woman steals your man, let her keep

him. Real men can’t be stolen.”-Anonymous

That miserable bastard. Her loving husband of

three years was so happy when they got pregnant.

In her seventh month she came home early from

the office, feeling ill. She found her sister, Wendy,

in bed with Ralph.

She was so angry, she had Ralph pack a bag, and

she threw both of them out of the house. Her mother

sympathized with her. His mother said she should

have offered him more sex. 

Later, having clam chowder alone, the raw shock

wore off, and she began weeping. How could she 

have so trusting, so naive? Dealing with a divorce,

and her slutty sister seemed too much to deal with. 

Suddenly, she felt a stabbing pain in her chest, as

her heart was shattering. No, hell no, he, they, were

not worth a heart attack. She had it sliced away,

leaving a scar.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


ben Alexander said...

Wow. That's definitely one hell of a scar, Glenn. Damn.

Much love,

Gillena Cox said...

Wow!! This is absorbing. Quote and all


sarah said...

That's so sad, and so true. So many people bear those scars. said...

Wow! The penultimate betrayal....and then the ending that hits you in the gut! She is one strong woman....she'll make it, I know!

Dwight L. Roth said...

Just like watching the afternoon Soaps! The pain and anguish of such situations always leave scars.

Merril D. Smith said...

Quite a scar for her. It's too bad she didn't find out what a horrible person he is before then.

forestbather said...

The slice almost a stab, sliced away, and it remains...loved that little comment from his mother...

Ken / rivrvlogr said...

Some wounds just strike too deep.

JadeLi said...

Glenn, it is good to be reading you again <3 I *love* your epigram. It's true. It's also true that sometimes there is no other remedy to get over betrayal than removal of the offending object (one's heart.)

robkistner said...

Nothing more final than the cut. This was strong Glenn. Hope you are doing well my friend.

Arcadia Maria said...

Great story.

Jane Dougherty said...

That baby is going to have a hard time too :(

Christopher Reilley said...

Wow, that was a great read. I don't know why, but the "clam chowder" detail just killed me, it made the whole thing better. :-)