Thursday, June 16, 2022

You Don't Say?

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You Don’t Say?

“Damn foolishness for one man, is the breath of

life for another.”


is packaged

every which way.

Playing hopscotch

in the middle of the freeway

is not productive.

He who

prefers a lie

over the truth

is required to

vote Republican.

Be very careful

what you wish for,

because it rarely

manifests itself


A basket

can only hold

so many eggs.

So if you buy

more baskets,

one day you will find

you’ve become

a basket collector.

The swift cross

the finish line first,

but they have

no recall of the journey. 

You have to weather

the storm of lust

in order to reach

the port of love.

When your wife

asks you if she

looks fat in 

her new pant’s suit,


and go bowling. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub MTB


Tzvi Fievel said...


is packaged

every which way."

Grace said...

I so like the part of the swift crossing the finish line first but cannot recall the journey. And of course, like a good husband, you just shrug and go bowling. Have a good weekend!

kittysverses said...

I liked it all, and enjoyed the one about baskets. :)

Ron Rowland said...

Nuggets of wisdom said...

So clever, and witty, Glenn.

I love,

"He who

prefers a lie

over the truth

is required to

vote Republican."