Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Final Cue


painting by Gustav Klimt

Final Cue

“exit stage left.”--actor’s script.

At some point,

artificial intelligence

will be sentient. 

Will it have a soul?

Today, the Mars Rover simply

says: My battery is low

and it’s getting dark.

It saddens me

that some people

when discussing death

believe in nothing;

leagues beyond atheism,

they feel that death

is a permanent dirt nap,

a flip of the Big Switch,

a terminal power failure,

a forever implosion

that produces nothing;

darkness and forever silence,

devoid of hope.

I tend to believe

we have a Higher Self,

who is a co-creator of the Universe.

It is often referred

to as the Soul.

It is the most refined form of energy.

Energy cannot be destroyed,

it can only be transitioned

or transformed into something else.

In the inexplicable vastness

of a trillion trillion galaxies,

this spiritual energy

is its most valuable commodity.

To even consider

letting loose of it,

or destroying it

is unthinkable.

I suppose

if New Age and Zen

had a baby, it

would look a lot like me.

I am truly spiritual

without being religious.

If “Death is but a Doorway”,

then as I journey beyond the veil,

I expect to be alone,

even if I’m not,

or fast asleep

when the moment

of transition

catches up to me,

and sweeps me 

out of my aged husk.

I hope to say,

to myself,

or to family,

or to the very air

I flee from,

Well...fuck me. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Laura Bloomsbury said...

realy enjoyed your philosophic take on death beginning with the Mars rover - your brief last words certainly had impact but the whole journey of the soul was perfectly envisioned, especially set against the nihilism of non believers in transition
"and sweeps me
out of my aged husk."

Gillena Cox said...

Luv the Zen and New Age coupling.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

My goodness this is breathtaking! The poem in its entirety engulfs you, and lets you breathe in the philosophy and emotion that it has to offer. I especially love; "Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transitioned or transformed into something else." Yes! ❤️❤️

Grace said...

That's a good way to go - its gutsy.

Also, I believe in a Higher Self, the spiritual architect of our vast universe.

robkistner said...

Gorgeous Glenn, simply superb — gripping, consuming… I’m moved to tears my friend… and you are beating my drum brother, ringing my gong! Quite precisely what I see looking over the horizon, exquisitely expressed! ✌🏼❤️

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

So well writ! "and sweeps me out of my aged husk." To describe our aging bodies as an aged husk...well that is just plain brilliant! I have to also say, I smiled at the ending!

JadeLi said...

Glenn is it wrong of me to laugh at your last words? I hope not. I believe as you do, the end is not the end.

sean@bogie said...

I am one of those who doesn’t see any reason why there should be anything after. Our embodied energy might disperse, but I doubt any form of soul or consciousness will go with it. Sort of hope I am wrong though. I appreciate your hopefulness.

Anonymous said...

Nice accounting of our journey from life to death (didn't start with birth?) and beyond. Your lines, "
Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transitioned or transformed into something else" state the mechanics your writer thinks might control.
I'm with grace, I have my hopes with a divine creator, God.

Raivenne said...

"Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transitioned or transformed into something else." Oh Glen, that is absolutely gorgeous!

paeansunplugged said...

Famous last words for sure, Glenn! I agree, the end is not the end.