Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Blackthorne Episode 153

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Cinemagenic 153


“The barn is burned down--now I can see the moon.”

--Mizuta Masahide.

1(sound cue) Piano and fiddle.

2(medium close up) interior of the cabin. Buck is 

sitting up, propped with several pillows, drinking 


3(medium wide shot) The door opens and Salina 

comes in, beating some of the trail dust off her

leather skirt. She wears a man’s hat, and a bright red

scarf. The yellow leather fringes on the bottom of the

skirt twirl as she moves. She had on a sparkling

white blouse, two buttons open at the bodice,

revealing the swell of her breasts. She pushed the

hat onto her back. The strap ran through a silver

heart. Her eyes sparkled.

4(sound cue) soft guitar strumming.

5(two shot) Buck: Hey, babe, how are things in town?

Salina: As you can imagine, chaos rules--but actually

some good things are developing.

Buck: How do you mean?

Salina: I hardly know where to begin.

Buck: Let her rip.

Salina: Well, for one thing, you are no longer

considered an outlaw.

Buck: But I shot the Sheriff and stole a horse.

Salina: One of the vaqueros found the horse while

we were at Bronson’s, and returned it to the owner.

Buck: Really?

Salina: Turns out the owner is someone who likes you,

and he isn’t filing charges.

Buck: What about the other horse, the one that got shot

out from underneath me?

Salina, chuckling: That was one of Bronson’s, so nobody

gives a crap about it.

Buck: Damn, I don’t know what to say.

Salina: Start by congratulating Dad who is the newly

appointed mayor.

Buck: No shit?

Salina: Most folks hated Cash Bronson. Now 

Blackthorne has changed its stripes--and we owe it 

all to Paul Bronson.

Buck: Come on, you’re joshing.

Salina; Yup, leaving him alive was a lucky choice.

You might say he’s had his coming to Jesus moment.

He sobered up, got his nose stitched up, and he had

a pow-wow with Dad and the new city council. The 

first thing he did was clear you of any wrong-doing.

He feels terrible about the sins of the past, and has

decided to do penance, wanting to help the town.

Buck: Is Joe Hop buying into this new deal?

Salina: Since you took Bronson out of the picture,

the Sheriff is in a forgiving mood. He hired two

young brothers as deputies, and he seems a

changed man. People are looking forward to a

brighter future. The Union Pacific is talking about

running a line through here. We are going to be

a railhead!

Buck: I’ll be smothered in cow pies.

Salina: Not today. I haven’t told you the best part

yet. The town has decided on throwing us a big

wedding, and for our wedding present they are

going to rebuild the house and barn out at 

Antlered Buck!

6(sound cue) piano and harmonica.

7(tighten the shot to a close-up) Salina sat on the bed.

Buck just sat there with his mouth open, overwhelmed.

His eyes moistened, and he couldn’t say anything.

Salina: All you gotta’ do, Darling, is get well, and get

the hell out of that bed as soon as you can. I miss my


Buck said hoarsely: I can do that.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub OLN 


Gillena Cox said...

"1(sound cue) Piano and fiddle." starts on quite a lively note
the ending a little more sombre. Another nice one. As a teenager i saw a lot of Western movies. Ever time i read one of your , takes me back.


Merril D. Smith said...

I liked all the detail. It was good to see Buck so emotional at the end.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Oh yayyy a wedding!❤️❤️ Finally the two lovebirds are going to get hitched. I loved this episode. Everything is falling in place especially the fact that there are no charges against Buck! Beautifully done, Glenn!

Truedessa said...

That was definitely a twist of fate for the better. Love how you film a scene with words. I do hope no one comes to ruin the wedding. Always, wonderful to read these episodes. You know I am still a fan.

Kerfe said...

I sense a bit of trouble around the corner...(there always is, isn't there?)

Sunra Rainz said...

So fun to read, Glenn! I enjoy the fast pace, the sound effects, the punchy to-ing and fro-ing. You're so good at dialogue!

And it was great to hear you read tonight. I'll be sure to watch you and enjoy it again as I always wish to hear everyone's poems a second time to really take them in.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed your reading of this lovely piece.

forestbather said...

So alive! You know, dialogue is definitely the most real, most vivid, and all the nuances are there in the imagery, the tone literally being tones one hears, especially towards the finale. I must look up what a cow pie is exactly.