Thursday, June 2, 2022


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“If I have only five words left just before I die,

FUBAR would be my choice!”--Dean Murdoch.

Gird your hand-baskets, folks,

for this entire fucking planet is marching

and sliding straight into Hell.

I shit you not.

The Retrumplicans are counting cadence.

Later this month, the Trump-appointed

lying, deceitful, bought-off asshole judges,

will strike down Roe V. Wade,

with the relish the cops 

pistol-whipped John Lewis,

and thirty red GQP states

will completely ban abortions,

as women’s freedom will backslide 50 years.

It’s like bitch-slapping

the 96 year old Queen,

in front of an audience of billions.

Will Smith has volunteered for the deed.

Since January 2022,

we have had more mass-shootings

than days of the years.

Fat cat senators are getting NRA-rich

and ten-year old children 

are getting blasted into dog food.

If this were a factory, we

would not be able to post even one

accident-free day.

Russia continues to rape and pillage Ukraine.

Some Americans have gone there

to fight for democracy.

Putin rattles the nuclear saber,

and Biden cowers beneath the threat. 

I’m not a hawk, but if I were

I would drop out of the angry sky

at 250 miles per hour

and tear Putin’s head off.

Christ, if only the rumors

of Putin’s cancer were true.

Thanks in part to Putin,

gas prices approach 8 bucks 

a gallon and rising. Now it costs

truck drivers a dollar a mile

to deliver goods; no wonder

babies are dying for lack of formula,

while Trump is searching for whores

to piss on him, as he composes love-

letters to Putin.

Glaciers are calving like a berserk

assembly line, while GOP voter suppression 

rots the kidneys out of democracy.

Republican MAGA-hat, SS fascist KKK John

Bircher white supremacists work secretly

behind closed doors.

I tell you the new female Admiral

Head of the Coast Guard will turn out

to be a dyke, and all vessels will fly

the LGBTQ colors. Occam’s razor has been

dulled. Stupid has become contagious. 

My personal health is like being

up to my neck in fire ants, and all of them

want to hurt me. Other than that,

things are pretty fucked up. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Helen said...

I haven't read a truthful, terrifying, all-encompassing rant like this in FOREVER. Every word speaks the truth. Bravo, Glenn .. Bravo.

Grace said...

Will we ever learn? I guess not. I hope you are doing well as it hurts to have fire ants in one's neck.

Kerfe said...

No end to it and no sense in it either. Beyond madness this hell we have created.

Jane Dougherty said...

Sounds reasonable as an interpretation, what you say. And the rest of the planet you don't mention isn't doing too well either.

Poetry for Healing said...

Yep, the dumbing down of America. Loved your rant!

Ken / rivrvlogr said...

All this, and just one day in the news. Well encasulated.

Ken / rivrvlogr said...


Ken / rivrvlogr said...

Damn this keyboard!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Damn this poem is on fire!! You really nailed it with "Glaciers are calving like a berserk assembly line, while GOP voter suppression rots the kidneys out of democracy,".. so sorry to hear about your health.. hope you feel better soon ❤️

Humaira Qur'an School said...

you had me at f

lynn__ said...

Glenn, the fire ants explain a lot!

brudberg said...

So much dissonance in the world... and if I could I would love to turn my back on everything... Fubar sums it up

forestbather said...

There is something immensely satisfying about reading hard-hitting gritty poetry like this.It heals. Great lines, and I did like the Will Smith line..he deserves it.