Monday, May 14, 2012

Charade in Chalcedony

image borrowed from bing

Charade in Chalcedony
Never embracing stasis 
or inurement
I love lying on my back 
in deep moss
beneath an ancient oak,
in riparian repose, 
with the wild wetness
wafting thick about me, 
my nostrils busily twitching 
at the spicy petrichorian remnants 
within the dulcet humidity hanging low
over the halcyon glen beside me,
fingering a moss agate, 
my latest talisman,
recently discovered 
on a nearby creek bank,
turning it over and over
in my warm hands, admiring
its mysterious chatoyant nature,
and the many fascinating tableaus
that seemed to appear on it,
from forest to city scape,
from seraglio to sea side,
or maybe just a battalion
of green umbrellas,
spine to spine,
daring the cloudless sky
to even ponder 
petulant precipitation. 
Glenn Buttkus
May 2012

Posted over on Monday Melting 17

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Shawna said...

This is incredible, Glenn! I loved every word (especially since you used all my favorites).

"riparian repose" That is some lovely alliteration, my friend.

"with the wild wetness wafting thick about me" Sounds blissful.

"petrichorian remnants" I'd really like to find my way into this scene.

"a battalion of green umbrellas" This was a fun surprise.

I enjoyed this very much; I hope you'll right a few more. :)

Paul Bauck said...

Very nice. I like the images it evokes.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic imagery, meditative pacing, flushed through with transcendental solitude, LOVE the word 'chatoyant', I frequently use that word in film reviews and always get replies with "huh???), chatoyant is a state of mind unto itself from which to ponder the world and the mind.......

Laurie Kolp said...

I can easily picture you lying under the tree fingering the moss agate. Yes, it would be nice to know where it's been... I really like your musings, Glenn.

Brian Miller said...

man, love the imagery and move over and make room...i would not mind laying there a bit just to enjoy the view and the sounds and textures of this moment...nicely done man.

Anne Katherine said...

I liked "petulant precipitation"
and your alliteration.
You capture and slow down these few moments very well.

Manicddaily said...

Wonderful wonderful sound to this poem; the images are very strong too, but it was really the sound that carried me along. k>

Jules said...

Ah...that's what I need to do now - repose under my willow and look into the late spring sky...lovely.
I wanted to write before I read - though I did note you had popped in pretty quickly :)
my piece can be found here in this moss of woven words...