Monday, September 7, 2015

Chains of Citizenship

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Chains of Citizenship

“The Holocaust forces us to examine the responsibilities
of citizenship, & confront the powerful ramifications of
indifference & inaction.”--Tim Holden.

When it comes to the rich & famous, you either love them or
hate them--there’s no middle ground. Bloated egos, apathy,
cruelty, greed, dishonesty, felony, & stupidity all top my own
list as capitalist credentials for my personal negative responses.
Too damn many politicians & public figures fit the suppressive
mold. I cringe whenever any of those bilious blowhard billionaires
want to bust up unions, or attack/consume social security, medicare,
veteran’s rights, women’s rights, & immigration. My conservative
friends inform me that I am way too liberal--that openly supporting
a Socialist Democrat is unpatriotic, that my beatnik-hippie attitudes
have never been acceptable, that further the fabulous nearly sainted
1% who control most of the commerce of the planet while dictating
& gleefully enforcing the fascist policies we are expected/forced to
abide by, allowing them to declare & profit from illegal & unpopular
wars, to cause massive oil spills, to openly oppose raising the 
minimum wage, to be in bed with the pharmaceutical corporations
& the merciless military industrial complexes, to frack us with
impunity, to spend 75 cents of every tax dollar on the defense budget
--& on & on & on, & we are to believe/accept that their powers are
favored by God Almighty Himself--and that we discontented ones just
need to shut up about it, quit protesting, ranting, complaining, bitching,
& exercising our Constitutional (& God-given) rights. Good luck with
that all ye assholes.

Fear there will ever
be gaps between the Elite
& the rest of us.

Glenn Buttkus


X said...

Haha. Yeah, the gap ever widens with lack of understanding thick in the mix. Opportunity is not the same, and few will crack the glass ceiling on their own to join the vaulted few in that 1%. Sadly too many that do forget what it was like on the other side of that margin. To be silent is to accept the fallacy of it all.

brudberg said...

Ah.. maybe you should read Piketty to further upset your conservative friends.. quoting a republican ex-president with the military industrial complex is also chilling.. sometimes I think warfare is needed for them to just test the killing power..

Grace said...

The gap will always be there, between the haves and the haves not ~ Sadly our world is run by these inept and powerful people ~ And we are always on the losing side ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Yes, the elite will make sure of guarding their privilege. I enjoyed reading this rant, with which I resonate strongly.

Misky said...

Think provoking. Thank goodness for the few (and rare) wealthy who support charities, donate time and funds to help their communities and the world. Not everyone is painted with the same brush! :D

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Elite so lost among fears control..
Free aloof.. Elite does not exist as US..
at ALL.. when we escape control of
systems rules.. but where is one country
under effective rule of sharing GOD..
NO rules there in Towers Trump ruiN Love...

looks eyEs
dream free
eYes looks..:)

Mary said...

You have made some good points, Glenn. I really think we need to take a serious look at all of the candidates, not just the ones who are (at the moment) making the most noise. I think of the hare and the tortoise. Perhaps, in the end, the tortoise (Sanders)will put the hare/s to shame. I'm rooting for the tortoise!

Gabriella said...

I cannot understand the fascination for many of the present candidates. They keep repeating that the US cannot afford this and that and yet spend millions on a campaign. I too rather like the guy form Vermont and how he is down-to-earth and close to what 'real life' is about. I also admire him for fighting for ideals and with arguments and not slandering his opponents. You did well with your political haibun, Glenn!

tonispencer said...

And I think of the 75% who look at us 24% as if we were the 1%. We have plenty of food, safe place to live, families to love and love us, adequate health care. I deal/dealt on a volunteer basis with a population who think having a full meal is Christmas in and of itself. I do not envy the 1% and often do not even consider them. I am content with what I have and feel beyond blessed. But to be honest, I'd like to punch trump in the face - really really hard.

Unknown said...

Wonderful ''protest'' haibun in what looks like stream of consciousness style - I mean the reader just flows with it. Great language, great points made. Really nice in haibun style. I do think ''protest'' haibun should be a theme.

humbird said...

Agree with Marilyn B. we have to be grateful for generosity of wealthy ones... and Thank you for reading! Wonderful rant!

vivinfrance said...

Yes, Misky and Humbird have a very good point, but there is still room for protest poetry.

Sumana Roy said...

there will always be that 1% and the ruled rest...sigh...a great political Haibun...

mrs mediocrity said...

Much food for thought... the great divide. Celebrity makes me cringe, and social media has only fueled the fire...but what worries me even more sometimes are the masses who follow happily, encouraging their status as self-made deities.

Really well done piece!

Anonymous said...

Cold reality... a sobering haibun.

Kathy Reed said...

I was just thinking the same things...really, and the part about The Almighty is always in the back of my mind as to how they rationalize their views. It's the all time fight, of Jesus and King Herod....and how to not empower them but hope the majority will show up again next Nov. we can continue to hope to be saved for the time being. Wowser rant!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Beatnik hippies rule! (Oh how I wish we really did.)

C.C. said...

Love the combination of old English and "assholes" that you used here: "Good luck with
that all ye assholes." Really adds to the tone :-)

Bodhirose said...

I so agree with your views and sometimes think that the only way to bring about the change we want is to hit the streets in protest just like the hippies did in our day. C'mon, Glenn, are you with me?!

Unknown said...

I'm guessing that this means you are not a Trump supporter? lol. Nicely put, Glenn!

Grace said...
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Grace said...

Just a note to check out the other poems by your fellow haibun writiers, specially those who joined in the last few days.
Our next Haibun Monday is October 5. See you then !

kaykuala said...

One can't help but be disappointed with those who can make a difference. But they in turn act differently from what one expects. Strength and wealth gives them the options to go their own way!


Anonymous said...

Love the rant...and we need more people in this world with a beatnik, hippie attitude.

Anonymous said...

This came straight from your gut, Glenn. Tis the season, eh?