Thursday, March 30, 2017

Dances of Dissimulation

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Dances of Dissimulation

“The irony is that too often the people we tend
to vote for actually look down on voters.”
--Steven Weber.

Tanka Time

A man who strives to
paint masterpieces might end up
drawing comics for 
a living--you know, Silver
Surfer & Thor & Batman.

A woman who studies
ballet for twenty years might
find herself walking
dogs, teaching the tango &
some physical therapy. 

A boy from Detroit’s
projects, wanted to be a
draftee in the Pro--
NBA, but instead he
became a great math teacher.

Hey, who makes a good
President--a person born
to wealth & prestige,
or someone with bleeding lips
from the far side of the tracks?

Once a loving dog
begins killing chickens, he
becomes only a
killing machine, slave to blood

lust & dark primal murder.

Glenn Buttkus

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hyperCRYPTICal said...

Words of wisdom Glenn, as is the quote.
Kind regards
Anna :o]

Grace said...

Am hoping the better president is one with bleeding lips from the far side of the tracks ~ I really like the ending - sad on what we can be, to be a killing machine ~ I guess it all boils down to choices ~

Jilly said...

Oh, how terribly, beautifully ironic are our lives! Well done!

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice collection of contrasts with understandable ambiguity. The Weber quote and the question about who makes a good President seemed to be a hint out of the irony.

indybev said...

I loved treading the staircase of your ironies, Glenn!

De Jackson said...

Isn't it ironic? Indeed. :) Good stuff, Glenn.

Kim M. Russell said...

Great title, Glenn, which signalled what was coming, and I wasn't disappointed. I like the quotation and the structure of a series of tanka, leading to the ironic point.

Kathy Reed said...

In my high school yearbook my goal in life was to "be of service to mankind"...someone wrote I ended up being a waitress at the local bowling alley.....all this makes life look one gigantic ironic joke. I appreciate the quotes you find.

Sumana Roy said...

Life is just this sometimes, a sinister joke...'Dances of Dissimulation' indeed...the last two of the series are perfect...

Sreeja said...

...wise words...loved it...

Anonymous said...

What starts as a surety, oft become a tragedy , Great Irony!

Anonymous said...

A veritable dance of Ironies Glenn

brudberg said...

Yes the irony is that you cannot predict anything... still the end might be fine anyway (like being a math teacher)


Stellar collection.

Sabio Lantz said...

Fun montage: People, born into their constitution, ignored or rewarded by their world, take on roles which may surprise or disappoint -- too complicated to predict. Fun examples, thanks. said...

Wow!!! Each vignette is very very good as a stand alone. And they do build -- those bleeding lips from across the tracks. Amazing imagery. Irony at the end -- but oh how I wish it were not so! said...

Amazing, Glenn! Life is full of surprises, and I'm voting cracked lips.