Monday, November 27, 2017

Quill Strokes

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Quill Strokes

“Beware of advice--even this.”--Carl Sandburg.

After writing poetry, fiction, and technical reports for
sixty years my ambitions burn close to the bottom
of the wick, my goals have become simplistic--just
keep on writing. Over the years, my association with
dVerse has thrilled and enticed me, educated me, 
and helped to implement divers change in my style. 
Now Haibun has become my favorite form, and I 
enjoy the freedom to get creative with it.

30 years ago I wanted to get published, believing 
that this somehow would validate my talent and 
authenticity. Many of the poets I know finance their 
own publications--this just doesn’t appeal to me. In a
decade my poetry blog has logged in more than a
million visitors, and the international fellowship within
dVerse assures that my creative fires remain well lit.

It is a good time to be a poet, but the pay is still 
shitty.”--Bobby Byrd.

Photography has
become my reigning passion;

poetry stands alongside.

Glenn Buttkus


tonispencer said...

I am so glad you posted today. I too used to think publishing was the end all and be all...and in the end. most of the books go unread, the anthologies go unread. As if being professional is the pinnacle. I just want to write, like you. A glorious haibun. I am glad it is one of your favorite forms. One of mine as well! Thank you.

brudberg said...

Oh it's a joy to self-publish Glenn... it seems to be hard and expensive, but really was much easier than I thought, and now you will soon be part of an anthology... it's a joy to hold such a book in your hands.

Kim M. Russell said...

Your title made me smile, Glenn. I would love to write with a pen again, or even a quill, but my handwriting has gone to pot and even my typing is affected by stiff, arthritic fingers. Now it's cold it's worse than usual. I'll have to wear fingerless gloves like Scrooge! I know where you're coming from when you say your ambitions burn close to the bottom of the wick, but I desperately want to get my one finished novel published before I get to the point when I simply can't, especially as I take after my mum.
I for one love reading your poetry and hope you continue to post.Congratulations on the readership of your blog. :)

Vivian Zems said...

You've achieved your dream by just doing it Your Way; same result, different pathway. To be able to share your words with those who appreciate your talent is reward indeed. To be satisfied is to have won.😊

Frank Hubeny said...

Best wishes for your photography and writing, Glenn.

X said...

There was a time when you used to write as if you were doing a play or script. Complete with music and sound effects. I would love to see that again. I always thought it so unique and creative.

Publishing happens. Never put a book out. Never really had a desire. Had quite a few in anthologies and magazines but it was all at request. I dont chase it. Too much like work.

Id rather write or perform it. Release it on the wind and let it do what it will.

Truedessa said...

Hi Glenn,

That is an amazing photo you've selected for your haibun. I tried one of those for the first time a few weeks ago. It was fun and I too want to write another. I just want to write and that is the truth. Sometimes, it is good and sometimes not so good. The main thing for me is to just express how I feel about life and the journey. I am still a fan of your Blackthorne Series and I usually come over during open link night to see if you have posted.

Is there a place to view your photography? said...

Three years after self-publishing my first poetry book, I've been contacted by someone who wants to promote and sell them for me at an event this Wednesday. I assumed I'd made my millions (I wish) in the first six months! I agree that they community of dVerse may be worth more than publication for the masses.

Dwight L. Roth said...

It is really family and friends who really matter. Self-publish and pass them out for free to those who really matter.


I really like the way you worded this:

"my ambitions burn close to the bottom
of the wick, my goals have become simplistic--just
keep on writing"

Glenn Buttkus said...

Hey "X", my cinemagenic film script poetry gets posted on Open Link Night. It is time consuming, but when i have the time, I truly enjoy that form, having invented it. Apropos of today's prompt, I'[m working from my unpublished novel. Trudessa, my photography site is on Facebook; check it out here

Jane Dougherty said...

It's not easy to decide the point when writing has become an end in itself. You have a lot of followers who enjoy your poetry and let you know. Maybe you're right, and that should be enough.

Gina said...

I discovered haibun here at dverse and am thoroughly enjoying it as you are, its a different way of expression, being precise yet concise. Belonging to a community makes the effort so worthwhile. Best wishes on your photography.

annell4 said...

I love all that you say. So good to read your writing. What is "more?" It is about communication, isn't it?