Thursday, June 17, 2021

Weasels, not Lemmings

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 Weasels, not Lemmings

“Followers, followers. Sometimes, with some things,

it’s best to keep your tally down.”

--Donna Lynn Hope.

We live in a world

only half-healed.

The beast using us for a feast,

it is still a vicious killer.

Only half-healed,

we forget the dangers afoot,

and people are still dying.

The beast using us for a feast,

seems to be insatiable.

We need to quit feeding it.

It is still a vicious killer,

never tamed, or leashed or house-broken.

We must put it down.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub MTB


brudberg said...

I think we still see how divided we have become... I wonder so why it's so hard to disagree but still work at solving common problems.

Dora said...

It would be nice if we could all stop yelling and accusing and just listen to one another. But you capture the state we're in so accurately, "Only half-healed,
/we forget the dangers afoot,/and people are still dying."

Unknown said...

We live in the tower of babel unable to solve anything because we can't agree on common language, and all the while the beast feasts on us.

JadeLi said...

Your last line says it all. There is nothing less that will do.

Grace said...

Yes Glenn we are still a half healed world and still very divided in our thoughts. Hope we can come to a middle ground for understanding and action.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is incredibly poignant~ the idea of being half-healed really speaks to me here, Glenn. But there if there is one thing that's happened is that the world is just a little more connected because of the Pandemic.. horrific as it is.. there is no denying that.. but we feel more for each other than earlier because we are going through the same situation. Here's hoping we step into the future together unscathed after it's over. 💝💝

ben Alexander said...

Wow - such a great metaphor... yes - we must stop feeding it!

Beautifully rendered, Glenn.


kaykuala said...

The beast using us for a feast,
seems to be insatiable.
We need to quit feeding it.

A thoughtful take Glenn! Love it! It is true! Unwittingly we succumb to the wiles of those up to no good and we seemed shackled, knowing but in woes of inaction.


Truedessa said...

Your words are truth - we truly live in a world half healed. I wish we could all mend and move on in a more productive manner. sigh...I doubt it will every happen.

Ron. said...

From your lips to (Fill In The Blank)'s ear. Mr B.
Perfect use of promptform. Salute!

Ingrid said...

Ah yes, followers might follow you off a cliff, where readers might take notice. More readers please!

A Reading Writer said...

an intense and profound piece!

Marion Horton said...

I think your trimeric works well with this emphatic message, pulling no punches.

Sunra Rainz said...

Wise words, Glenn, and so true. The trimeric form really shines through in this poem.


Jane Dougherty said...

Pandora's box. It's been opened; you can't get the nasties back inside it.

Helen said...

Really appreciated the message, serious / relevant in your trimeric .. coupled with the wonderful image! Smiles.

Kerfe said...

It's a wonder that people would rather die then get vaccinated or even wear a mask. But you said it much better than I.

robkistner said...

Strong Glenn. Rave on my brother, rave on, rave on! The time of tolerance has passed…

grapeling said...

perfect use of the form, Glenn. on point, flowing, and powerful ~