Monday, July 19, 2021

Calamity Unleashed

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Calamity Unleashed

“Oh that my grief were thoroughly weighed, and my

calamity laid in the balance together.”--Job 6:2

Dying by the millions, while millions more line up for

the slaughter. The Kraken is amphibious, and

it is legion. We stumbled through the plague year 

2020 like blind mice begging for the poison cool aid.

 Hell, 2021 is half gone, and we witness fear and

ignorance among the vast unvaccinated allowing a

fourth Covid variant to feed upon us unencumbered.

Here is our pink necks, please bite.The planet 

is bleeding out from a trillion cuts. Global Warming is 

creating a Golem from blood and clay.

Trump flourishes. Nazis thrive. Mass shootings

multiply. Republicans lie in plain sight. There are so

many things to be angry about, my tears have fled.

There is no room for sadness within clenched fists

and teeth. So no, I do not weep at the world--I am too 

busy sharpening my oyster knife. 

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub

17 comments: said...

POWERFUL lines here "There is no room for sadness within clenched fists and teeth. So no, I do not weep at the world--I am too busy sharpening my oyster knife. " and great use of the line. I try every day to find one positive news story and enjoy it. I also try to look up at the shelves in our living room at the photos of our family...they always make me smile. So much scarey stuff going on....somehow we've got to find the positive and wallow in it! :)

JadeLi said...

"The planet is bleeding out from a trillion cuts." When I see what we do to our mother, I know we deserve everything we get. I just wish the children didn't have to suffer :( Powerful writing and expression of emotion at the devastating losses we are witnessing and experiencing.

Gillena Cox said...

This dystopian narrative is as stark as it is real
Happy Monday


Merril D. Smith said...

A powerful rant, Glenn. "The planet

is bleeding out from a trillion cuts." is a wonderful line, and so true. There are so many horrors, it's difficult to keep track of them all. I hope that Golem can help.

robkistner said...

The human species is beginning to spiral Glenn. Soon, if we don’t find an effective, sustainable, bottom-of-the-9th, 2 outs, 2 strikes strategy — it will spin right off the edge of the earth, into extinction. The microscopic elements of the earth are standing at the front of the line, they have their number in hand — they are just waiting to hear, NEXT!!

Wolfsrosebud said...

You touched on so many issues that burdened our lives. If only there could be some type of unity. Perhaps, not in this world.

Dwight L. Roth said...

The voice of a prophet crying in the wilderness.... That is what I hear. Well done Glenn.

I liked this line... The planet

is bleeding out from a trillion cuts

Ingrid said...

You echoed a lot of my sentiments here. Everyone expected things to get better in 2021 but I think this is just the start of things getting badly worse. Unfortunately.

ben Alexander said...

Holy f'n shamoley, Glenn. You rocked this. Well, you rocked me - that's for sure.


A Reading Writer said...

I expected nothing less and again you delivered. profound.

Kerfe said...

Sadly, you are going to need it.

Raivenne said...

"There is no room for sadness within clenched fists and teeth." THIS! This right here is it. You have hit the nail dead on - your words a powerful hammer in its strike. Excellent take on the prompt!

Tricia said...

Yes, we need warriors to fight for this Earth. No time for tears! 👊❣

Reena Saxena said...

In short, evil flourishes....

Misky said...

Thngs are sure in a depressing state...

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

This is so accurate for how many of us feel. I find myself wanting to move far, far away from any people.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

My goodness this is incredibly potent!💝 You address the issues with such a hard hitting pen here, Glenn especially; "Global Warming is creating a Golem from blood and clay." Yes! We can only hope that it doesn't get worse from here.