Monday, December 13, 2021

Tangled Tinsel

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Tangled Tinsel

“Grief is a room without doors--but somehow with its

tinsel, Christmas finds a way in.”--Simon Van Booy

For some reason we

always called tinsel icicles.

it was the last thing

to add on the tree.

It was like icing on a 

cake; nothing tawdry.

But gold fillings in

someone’s mouth, that bugs me, and

I do not know why.

No shit.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at  d'Verse Poet's Pub


Lucy said...

Yeah, I think it would irk me too. Tinsel is tinsel, can't get a better word for it.

I don't have tinsel because of cats, but I'm not missing much hahaha. Love the poem.

Mish said...

Oh my gosh, Glenn, I am laughing out loud. You had me in a sweet state of nostalgia as I'd forgotten the tinsel as a decorating finale and how we too called it "icicles". Then you go to "random-ville" where for some reason unknown to me, resonates. You're hilarious.

JadeLi said...

It's so neat to think that the original tinsel was made from silver. I've also known people that have gotten a whole mouthful of gold teeth because they heard someone say, "put your money where your mouth is." Us humans are a strange and always entertaining bunch, aren't we.

K.Hartless said...

It's almost like static on a televised tree. Drippy plastic oh man, this tree brings back memories.

Dora said...

Agreed. Better "tangled tinsel" than garish gold fillings, lol. Thanks for the laugh, Glenn, and the fantastic quote. Hope you enjoy the holidays.

Ali said...

Oh my, humans. We just have our reactions and they are all over the spectrum. I like that you have your own take on this. Humor is always welcome in my day.

Dwight L. Roth said...

I love your poem, Glenn. We also called them icicles. Looking at the tree in your picture, I am not sure how we thought that was beautiful!? Gold teeth makes no sense to me either! The mouth becomes a gold mine for the undertaker!

ben Alexander said...

I really like your comparison, Glenn... I wouldn't have thought of that!

All best,
David [ben Alexander]

Gillena Cox said...

Tinsel and from my childhood i remember also something called angel hair used to be put in the tree. Imagine all of that to people who never knew what was snow or winter was. 😁😁😁 in real life

Happy you dropped by my blog


brudberg said...

I think there might be two kinds... the kind of tinsel we use is mostly like garlands... the icicle kind I never saw as a kid.

Helen said...

This is quite wonderful (no shit.) said...

Love this, Glenn!