Monday, September 10, 2012


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to gallop or gallump,
to honk or hork,
to huggle without haggling,
this clearly is my trilemma.

I mean
how does a wordsmith lipskip
into a garden of nonsense
without accidently trompsing
the tremble def terrariums,
or blurping a disgusting viscus 
of scrittled ingst all over 
the innocent hipatitus blossoms?

Well, in a rare moment
of linguistic slickery,
I just launched several 
ebriated word missiles
and made my exit 

Glenn Buttkus

September 2012

Posted over on flipside records

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flipside records said...

This is awesome! You are cracking me up, Glenn. :) Oh how I love those broccoli trees!

I've never pictured the garden of Gethsemane quite like this.

These are my favorite parts:

"how does a wordsmith lipskip
into a garden of nonsense"

"linguistic slickery"

"made my exit maze-right"

So much fun. :) Thanks again for writing.

De Jackson said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL! And yet, profound. Fantastic.

Oh, my. This line is just the best:
"or blurping a disgusting viscus
of scrittled ingst all over
the innocent hipatitus blossoms?"

It makes absolute, perfect sense. In SeussLand. Or Tim BurtonVille. ;)

Great stuff, Sir. Thank you for the BIG smile.

jackie dick said...

What a wordsmith are you! A fun piece...:) And was that a baked potato behind the broccoli trees?

Jennifer Wagner said...

Creative and fun to read--smiled the whole ride.