Thursday, January 17, 2013

Blackhawk Found

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Blackhawk Found

“I object to violence because when it attempts to do good,
the good is only temporary--but the evil it does is permanent.”
--Mahatma Gandhi.

I loved reading combat comics when I was eight;
smelling new, unfolded, right off the rack.
SGT. ROCK spewed plenty of hot lead,
heroism always the primary key,
oblivion always the enemy’s fate.

I think my favorite comic was BLACKHAWK,
a 1941 pilot-hero living without dread.
The diversity of his squadron pleased me,
with several nationalities in the pack,
their aerial expertise trumped tough-talk.

Fascination to violence led straight to science fiction.
War in outer space & history seemed to be
a perfect compliment, feeding the lack
of actual thrills within the unsaid,
unseen, inexperienced, non-fiction,

mundane, boring aspects of my life;
all prior to video games, CGI, multi-track
techno-wizardry piling up the dead;
exacerbating violence for kids to see,
and perhaps compounding real madness & strife.

“People sleep peacefully in their beds only because
rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
--George Orwell.

Glenn Buttkus

January 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets FFA

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Claudia said...

i'm wondering if it is a fascination to violence or rather that fascination of heroism that is so attractive..for comic lane was more direction mickey mouse...but then...i'm a girl...smiles...i like the orwell quote as well..

Beachanny said...

Stunningly adroit use of the Karousel here Glenn. Really enjoyed this. I'm with Claudia. I loved comics when I was a kid but stuck to the little kid - peanuts, disney, animal ones over the thrilling super hero ones - those came later with husband and sons (sigh). Great poem today. Thank you so much for writing and linking!

Brian Miller said...

ha. i read a few of these in my dat...sgt rock...nick fury...ghost tank....batman was def my fav...always wanting to be the detective...and i def have a hero complex...haha....nice on the form sir...

Anonymous said...

Different comics (Warlord is one that springs to mind)but much the same experience, tending towards 2000AD - Judge Dredd anyone? Nice use of the form in this autobiographical piece, Glenn.

Mary said...

Very interesting, Glenn. I remembe reading an older cousin's old comic books....Batman and Superman and Green Hornet, etc. I loved his old stash of comics. Don't you wish you had that Blackhawk comet? I used to like sci fi too, and I hadn't thought about it but I think a lot of the video games ARE sci fi. So, unfortunately, probably today's kids are not drawn to such things as War of the Worlds, etc. You worked the form well, Glenn! I have grown to like forms as well.

Frank Watson said...

Enjoyed reading the poem, reminds me of my childhood too and how I used to love comics (still do, at least the sense of dramatic visuals).

Evelyn said...

"techno wizardry"
great phrase...

ninot said...

Well, of course we are all lovers of comics. And today, I am glad my daughters appreciate them too!

Great se of the form, Glenn!

Anonymous said...

wow, this was so cool. it's amazing how you fit this narrative into the form. i loved comics too and i love sci fi. (like duh, who wouldn't know that)

quantum kisses

RMP said...

sadly, I don't think I ever really found comics, at least not outside the funny pages. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane and the subtle question of violence you leave the reader to ponder.

Mary said...

Glad to see you in Poetry Jam, Glenn! Interesting as far as comics, when we used to visit some relatives in Chicago the bedroom had lots of old comics...which I would read at night before sleeping.....I'd die to have those comics now. I think of those old superheroes and how they compare to today's super heroes. I think I would take those 'old' super heroes in a heartbeat. The violence in those days was pale compared to today's fare.

Brian Miller said...

hey g...thanks for the support brother...thought i had seen this one before...ghost tank came to mind instantly again....blackhawk is actually in one of the nintendo games...i do think we have slipped the slippery slope on a few things culturally

Peggy said...

Wow I thought Blackhawk was a helicopter of fairly recent vintage. I am getting a real superhero education with this prompt of Brian's. Thanks for posting this.

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

I have been meaning to read you for a while ... now I know why!

Helen said...

Growing up in the 40's and 50's comic books were a huge part of 'the scene.' Somehow I missed this superhero ~~ too busy with the Betty and Veronica stuff I think.

Enjoyed this one, Glenn.

Sarav said...

I love the feel and scent of new books--comic books, I'm a book-a-holic...A great scene you painted here and tapped a sensitive vein too--what's been lost in this electronic age

Laurie Kolp said...

I much preferred Archie and his gang...

alan1704 said...

A world before video games when we used imagination. Great writing and a different world.

Susan Lindquist said...

I like the way you 'bookended' the poem with the quotes. Both thought provoking. Your comic book diet brings to mind the cross-section of violent and hero driven media that is so commercially successful world-wide ... sad, isn't it?

Donna B. said...

Where would we be without our imaginations and dreams! I really enjoyed this.