Tuesday, June 7, 2016

President for Life

image borrowed from captainjamesdavis.net

President for Life

They came loudly with the dawn,
their boots thumping in quick time.
It seems our liberties are gone,
our freedom is as thin as a dime.

They call him the American Mussolini.

Hey, we let him bully his way
into the Presidency, and now woe is us,
for we certainly have to pay
for stupidity while sitting in the back of the bus.

The 1% giggle with capitalist glee.
He uses the Army to enforce his will
upon the people--you and me;
our rights disappeared, & He will kill

anyone who opposes his rule.
He did actually build his Southern Wall,
and uses it as a cruel tool
to keep us all “on the ball”.

They call him the American Mussolini.

The Border Patrol is now much bigger
than the Navy, & the abortion is 50 feet tall,
guarded by zealots who pull the trigger
on the foolish few who test that wall.

They call him the American Mussolini

He insists that all the women of America must
dye their hair blond & dress like sluts.
Women’s rights have turned to dust
because it seems there is no one with the guts

to stand up against the power of the Trump;
the power we gave him on a golden platter
so that he could sit in the oval office like a lump
barking out his vile fascist chatter.

They call him the American Mussolini.

They say he will soon create a executive bill
that will make him President for Life!
But there are those who’ve had their fill,
who now dance to the drum & the fife.

Yes, folks, there will be another American Revolution,
and He will die bloody just like Benito did.
We will raise such a glorious commotion,
angels will cheer as we righteously get rid

of the only dictator America ever had,
and rebuild our democracy as needed--
and if He resists--it’ll just be too bad,
the need for freedom is already seeded.

They call him the American Mussolini.

Yes, oh yes, the Eagle, like the Phoenix, will rise
out of the scurrilous ashes of greed,
because America will brook no more lies--
and when He’s gone, we have to heed

the mistakes we made, the perilous blunder
rotten with demagoguery and deceit,
to nevermore have to listen to the thunder
of jack-booted marching secret service feet.

Yes, they called him the American Mussolini
before they dragged his body through the streets
behind his bulletproof limo: free at last, free at last.

Glenn Buttkus


brudberg said...

There is a risk, there is a risk.. the world seem to elect what's worst for them, as if fear can be cured by force, as if fear is always someone other... and we have Putin, Erdogan and Farage. In France Le Pen has forced upon us fear, and force of bayonets... and once again the world is crushed beneath the hell of boots... Yes it can happen.. and we have brought it all upon us.

Anonymous said...

If there wasn't a possibility that he will be voted in, this would be funny. Not a criticism of your work, at all Glenn - I'm just scared in case it comes to pass. It has consequences far beyond America... And many other countries are facing polarisation - here in the UK there is the spectre of the vote on Brexit... and there is more mud-slinging and scare-mongering than I can bear.

Pleasant Street said...

I don't understand

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Such powerful response to the prompt Glenn, truly incredible work done!

Mish said...

I think a rap would be appropriate! It would really emphasize the many powerful phrases here. This could be alternated with "They call him the American Mussolini." in a singing voice. Oh yes! I can hear it.
So much insight in this, Glenn. Even here from Canada, I fear for the future. It all trickles down...
Love your song!

Grace said...

I hope not, shivers ~ I get the idea of an alternate reality with Trump winning and turning the nation into chaos and fear ~ I agree with Mish, that this can be a rap song ~

Linda said...

Yes, I further the motion that this could go rap.

Truedessa said...

An epic political commentary song - and all I can say is "the times they are a chang'in" Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

this is the start of a new era of protest songs

Katie Mia Frederick said...

SMiLes.. Trump
Can't carry a tune..
as he has no heARt.. no
SpiRit.. no BalanCinG
MiNd and BoDy
not sure
iF HiLLary
can/does either..
oh.. but the hilarity..
is that he is Hillary's
best fRiEnd STilL by
running as sTinK StanK
Grinch.. New tHe TrumP
iS Green WitH Rot..
and no he WiLL
noT FeAst and DancE
WitH the wHo oN
Christmas neW
or InaguraTioN
Day as tHis IS A
CurSe oF SPeLL
and i AM noW
thE sorcerers
STonE that

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Oh my ---- quite the fast rap here --- quick pace needed to "get through it"....you're givin' us quite a song here!

robkistner said...

This is as fucked as this country can get, and it ain't gettin' better anytime soon. The american educational sytem failed dramatically, and it's these uneducated, magic-saviour, hate spewing morons who have lifted these greedy, hateful demagogues into power, and I fear it's their increasing ignorance and hatred, that will keep them in power. I say them because it is not just him you need to fear, it's them, the Koch snakes and their viper's nest of cronies, whom we must fear! I am on my last leg so I will not likely see the final brutal collapse of America, nor the bloodshep that will follow - but my heart is broken because I have a grandson who will witness, and probably be drawn into, the peak of this horror show. Unless someone of sober intelligence (whom I've not seen yet) can effectively rise to stem this spreading insanity, the scenario you present here Glenn, will definitely come to fruition. Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

Colleen Looseleaf said...

Wonderful read out loud. Here is a poetry blog site dedicated to poems in protest of Trump http://winedrunksidewalk.blogspot.com/ I've written a few myself. What to do, what to do?