Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Moon Me Sweetly

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Moon Me Sweetly

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful
of the night.”--Sarah Williams.

As violent storms,
politico & atmospheric,
congregation across every 
bruiseprint of every parsec,
every parcel of this gut-me nation--
someone has snot-slip the facts,
managed to French my resolve,
cloud my curdled cognition,
and knife my numbness.

I tell you.
it is past time to fear
those in power who will
undoubtedly gleefully penis the public,
painfully dentist the dudes,
and woefully wound most of the women--
all with their implicit consent.

By the state full we will be forced
to line the lemmings up
at the precipices,
blindfold each individual,
then cliff their butts
into swirling dead zones,
before we stone them mid-drop,
concrete any semblance of grief,
soon needing to target the towers
of innocent bodies with torch blowers
and landfill in order to paper the deed;

arriving too soon at a terminus where 
no one can justice the results,
equity the puddles of pure pain,
assembly broken limbs,
or erection torn souls.

For no matter how much our new leaders,
lip our livelihoods, or finger the facts, or knee
the truth, or hand over hardships, or larceny
our stripped naked liberty--

We have nothing to
fear but stupidity it-

self; bitter new fruit.

Glenn Buttkus

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lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

WOW!!! I am with you, Glenn! Just reading Huffington Post and Congress is now "considering" a bill that will make abortions expensive for women (read that, remove access in a financial way) -- Trump just signed the pipeline bill and probably doesn't understand the water ramifications etc of what he's done. The womens' march on Saturday was powerful -- and hundreds of thousands of folks are sending letters, calling, etc but I fear the deeds are being done regardless of results. It is frightening.
And, several of the federal agencies (EPA included) were issued literal gag orders: no communicating with the press, no emails, no web postings etc. This is UNBELIEVABLE! And you've certainly nailed it on its ugly head.

brudberg said...

I felt on Saturday that this was not the end but a new beginning... I hope it can continue in the same peaceful and resilient way. Just wonder how we can give everyone hope... I wonder how many that fear the march... (except the men in power busy signing papers)

Kim M. Russell said...

You have so nailed it - the prompt and the message!

De Jackson said...

This is a powerhouse packed punch, Sir. So well done.
That last line break, and last line:
"self; bitter new fruit." -- so telling. Excellent.

paul mortimer said...

That's a powerful piece of writing Glenn ..will be re-reading that a few times! you've taken some great nouns there to add weight to it all.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...superlative me poetic...a tour de force Glen....I am applauding you from afar. Bravo Sir.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Now that's what I call writing!! Bravo Glenn :D

Anonymous said...

hats off to you

Frank Hubeny said...

I like these lines: "We have nothing to
fear but stupidity it-


Lady In Read said...

this is so powerful!!!

and these words made me pause -
arriving too soon at a terminus where
no one can justice the results,
equity the puddles of pure pain,
assembly broken limbs,
or erection torn souls.

Mish said...

Amen! Stupidity speaks very loudly and boldly....but eventually falls to intelligence. That's what I'm hoping for. This was a powerful write, Glenn and I agree with every word. As I commented to Lillian, I am so proud of all the Canadian women who made their way to the Women's March. You verbed out on the prompt! Wonderful.

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Wow! This is very good.