Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hug, Kiss & a Tickle

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Hug, Kiss and a Tickle

“If you tickle us, do we not laugh?”
--William Shakespeare.

I know it is full-on Spring
now that the night birds sing;
as the lawn demands to be mowed 
and my old back becomes bowed
from weeding, seeding & humming.

Soon I will have another birthday.
It is a time to shout a loud hooray,
because I will turn seventy-three
and too many loved ones have left me--
too young, too soon; definitely not OK.

There once was a billionaire bully named Trump,
who shouldn’t even be King of the Dump--
but OMG he became our President,
kissing chaos & favoring rules that are bent--
as History will label him a cancerous lump.

They tell me aging is not for sissies,
as I moan, fuss, & perform divers hissies--
angry at my ancient body’s failings
as youth departed other sailings--
only salved by my sweet wife’s kissies.

We now inhabit a vast empty nest,
though we never have confessed 
how much we really miss our kids--
as three daughters put in their bids
for us to baby-sit so they can rest.

I always travel with my trusty camera,
searching for remote & deep caldera,
or those fabulous golden light moments,
or rusted vehicles with their pretty dents;

I might even find a smiling chimera.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub MTB

the title is what we get from grandchildren as they go home.
the image is a 125 year old man in Israel.


brudberg said...

Ha... love how you played with the form... and hooray for a smiling chimera... it sounds like you are aging well.

Frank Hubeny said...

Happy birthday! If I find a chimera I might not want to stick around to get a picture, but if I did I hope the picture gets to the cloud before the chimera gets to me. Nice line: "salved by my sweet wife’s kissies".

Kim M. Russell said...

Oh Glenn, the empty nest limerick is so touching - I wish I had some grandchildren to look after! Almost 73 and still rocking out the rhymes! (I hope I got the age right - once I'm in the comments box I can't check back. Apologies just in case :))

Jane Dougherty said...

I wish we had an empty nest :) These are pretty robust, punchy Limericks!

indybev said...

Well, you over-achieved and just kept those 5-liners coming. Great fun, Glenn. From my viewpoint, you're still a youngster!

Victoria said...

Well, that aging one got to me. Someday's you just can't escape it. And I've already beat you to 73.

De Jackson said...

Masterful, touching work here, Sir. Love it.

Waltermarks said...

I used to be a photophile. I remember chasing a bear through Big Bend National Park, trying to get that great photo op. The bear got tired of being chased and stood up and turned around. I guess she realized she had no reason to run. I didn't want her to have a fit, soooo I slowly backed up. But with a Chimera, don't guess so, specially if they fly

Sabio Lantz said...

There was a verbose poet
and I'm quite sure he know'd it
for forms he'd ignore
for they made him snore
and instead he'd prefer to blow it.

Anonymous said...

These left me grinning

Kathy Reed said...

You left us a biography here...compartments of your life in limerick form.
Well done! Yes, that lawn loves the rain and sun alternating during the days in April.

Sabio Lantz said...

Very cute recent biographical confessions, btw

Mark Kerstetter said...

I asked you in November of last year to remove my poem from your blog and you still have not done so. I have since found another taken without my permission. It is wrong and totally uncool to take another writer's work without their permission. Please remove ALL my poems from your blog.