Tuesday, April 4, 2017


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“There is something magical about three, you 
know. A trio is tight.” --Ian Williams.

I’m a big Golden Lab named Larry.
I guess I live on an Animal Farm,
because each time our humans 
leave the area, we all speak clearly
to each other. My two best pals are
a pig, Pecos, & a cat named Katie.

Larry: We need to hatch a plan to catch that fox,
old Red, who is killing our chicken friends.
Pecos: The killer comes during the wolfing hour,
so it will be tough to stay awake.
Katie: Do we have proof it is Red? I’ve seen a 
rogue Dobie skulking around lately.
Larry: Farmer Fred thinks it’s a fox.
Pecos: Truth be told, the predator only kills what he
will eat. Dogs go ape-shit & kill dozens, eating none.
Larry: Go easy on the dog-trashing, Bub.
Katie: I almost side with Red. He’s the only fox in our
area, & I’ve heard pups yelping late at night.
Larry: Something to consider, I guess. Those damn
housing developments have destroyed the forest &
green belts all around us.
Pecos: Gosh, we are so lucky to be domesticated
and have humans to feed us daily.
Katie: You’re the lucky one, bacon-breath, that day
when little Suzie made you her pet.
Pecos: Don’t remind me--I hide during breakfast &
Sunday dinner.
Larry: Come on, Katie, quit being so darned catty !
Katie: Zip it, dudes--I hear Wife Wilma headed our 
way, her milk bucket rattling & rubber boots squeaking.
Larry: Fine, we’ll talk later.
Pecos: Around here it just seems like one damn crisis
after another.
Katie: It’s just not kosher for a pig to whine.

The barn door creaked open & Wilma made her way to
the cow stalls: Hey, kids, how you doing?

I looked at Katie & we kept our composure, but Pecos 

giggled & had to turn his face away.

Glenn Buttkus

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lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Oh Glenn.....I've been sippin' my early evening wine and waiting for your post. You surely did not disappoint.
Laughed out loud at "Katie: It’s just not kosher for a pig to whine." Great wit and a dramatic flair.
Thanks for the fun take on the prompt :)

ZQ said...

Hahaha excellent dialogue.

Grace said...

I love the dialogue and "almost adult" conversation among the animals Glenn ~ Perhaps they do converse when we humans are not around, ha ~ Very well done ~

AnotherFearlessYear.net said...

Very cute. I wonder what kinds of conversations my dog and cat have when we're away?

Jilly said...

Imaginative! Just one question; where's Charlotte? Great stuff, Glenn!

Frank Hubeny said...

I liked the discussion pointing out that dogs go ape-shit and don't eat what they kill. Also the observation that it is not kosher for pigs to whine was pretty good.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful trio. I do like to think the animals in a situation like this will have a chat when there are no humans round.

De Jackson said...

Love these three!
This made me smile:
"It’s just not kosher for a pig to whine."

Judy Dykstra-Brown said...

'Bacon Breath?" Who knew dogs could be so catty?

brudberg said...

Ha this reminds of a favorite Far Side cartoon with Cows walking on two legs with cocktails until a car comes and they go down on four pretending

Kim M. Russell said...

Funny Bjorn should say that - far Side came to my mind too. I also thought it might be a good line for a joke: A dog, a cat and a pig walked into a bar...'
I love that you made it into a mini screenplay! I have to say, I felt sorry for Pecos when Katie called him bacon-breath and said 'It’s just not kosher for a pig to whine'. Such a shame that poor pig has to hide during breakfast and Sunday dinner. Another reason I don't eat meat... that giggles!.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Brilliant dialogue Glenn - really enjoyed.
I wonder if we are arrogant in our belief that animals don't communicate with each other...maybe they do...
Kind regards
Anna :o]

Charley said...

Beautifully done! Lots of fun to read!

lynn__ said...

Entertaining dialogue of the "kids" chillin' before din din, masterfully done!

indybev said...

Fun barnyard dialog when the "boss" is not around!

Marina Sofia said...

That sounds quite believable in terms of character - go easy on the dog shaming, bacon-breath and the like! What a fun way to use the prompt!