Monday, June 19, 2017

Pepper Me Timbers

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Pepper Me Timbers

“It was twenty years ago today,
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play.”
--the Beatles

up from
a nap feeling
all peppery & shit--
sneezing, with black spots
in front of my eyes;

putting me 
in mind of Pepper
Flicks, like SALT N’ PEPPER
with Peter Lawford
& Sammy Davis Jr.

or sexy Angie,
Sgt “Pepper” Anderson,


Glenn Buttkus


Frank Hubeny said...

I sometimes get those black spots as well. As long as the mind clears up.

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at the random memories that pop up.

Victoria said...

Ah, dipping into the past as we tend to do sometimes and coming up with all sorts of pepper. Think I'm about to sneeze.

Kim M. Russell said...

It's amazing to read all the different connotations with the word pepper! I can't say I know what Pepper Flicks are but I do remember Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr. Not sure about ' sexy Angie, Sgt “Pepper” Anderson,POLICE WOMAN'!


Ha. "All peppery and shit" totally MADE my day.

brudberg said...

I have to say that some of that music happened a bit before my time... but I love your memories.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

This is such an intriguing glimpse into the era! Beautifully penned.

Waltermarks said...

Those are some oldies, Policewoman! I haven't thought of that in quite a while. It does go well with Sgt. Pepper

Charley said...

...and then there's Pepper Martin -- L-O-N-G before my time! (and yours) I laughed with the first reading... and the second. First rate! said...

Smiling I am....oh, I remember that sexy Police Woman. I think she was on television about the same time as the heart throbs Starsky and Hutch! :) And maybe Hart to Hart too? And then Remington Steele came a bit later? Oh've got the wheels turning in my head to those early day "cop / crime shows" :) Showin' my age. LOVE this one, Glenn!

Grace said...

Well I never knew that about Angie ~ Love the memories Glenn ~

Truedessa said...

Sounds, like it isn't the best of days!

lynn__ said...

I shouldn't laugh when you're sneezing but...

thotpurge said...

Whoever Angie is/was... must be a nice way to wake up!!!

indybev said...

Do you know Angie is now 86?? Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Glenn!

Anonymous said...

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