Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blackthorne--Scene 73

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Cinemagenic Seventy-Three

Heart Tug

“Do no harm, open your heart--but take no shit”.

1(sound cue) banjo & harmonica.
2(medium close-up) Ryker searched for Bronson’s 
face, but 
3(cut to two-shot) Cash had already moved up 
alongside Johnny: This horse is stone mean, breed
--even you can see that, right? It would not hurt, now
that he’s in my rotunda, to break some of that damn
pride of his.
The Eagle did not respond, keeping his intense gaze
on Ryker.
Cash: I want him broke in for Paulie, and you know 
he’s not much of a horseman--this stallion has a 
wagon load of too much spirit. 
Johnny: But this is not the way.
4(medium close-up) Yes, he is a medicine horse. He
is strong, and he has great pride. But he was Nez
Pierce broke, and has been ridden in battle. I tell you
he would rather die, or he will kill one of you before
you break him with a whip or spurs.
5(close-up) Ryker: You damned flea-bitten squaw--
this horse needs to learn some respect. This ain’t
the first horse I ever broke--you know that. If you
don’t start out with him my way, he’ll be riding you
within a week.
6(sound cue) piano & Indian seed rattle.
7(two-shot) Johnny: I will do this--let me ride him:
more a statement than an inquiry.
Cash took a long look at the stallion. What will it 
cost me for your services?
Johnny: About an hour.
8(medium wide shot) Cash: What do you think about 
all this, Paulie? 
Buck turned to gaze at the youngest brother. When 
Paul recognized him, he froze for a second as a ripple
of fear passed over his face--but then realizing he was 
safe, he smiled a pitiful crooked smile, and spoke in a
small voice: It don’t matter a damn to me who ends up
riding this fucking horse.
9(close-up) Chatawa bobbing his head, flashing
his angry eyes.
10(medium two shot) Graff watched the Eagle--
obviously still angry about his past humiliations,
his face reddening, he spat out: Mr. Bronson, if
this lice-assed halfbreed, says he’ll do it for
nothing--just let him. No sense in getting one of 
our own crew busted up. Probably that damn  
jughead is going to throw him over the fence, 
and we’ll all get a good laugh out of it.
11(close-up) Cash:  Alright, Johnny --we’ll try it
your way. Ryker, get your sad ass out of the corral.
12(sound cue) piano & banjo.
13(medium wide shot) Grumbling all the way, 
Ryker dropped the blanket back over the sawhorse, 
and tossed the whip into the dust, before crawling
up onto the rails.
14(sound cue) six-string blues slide.
15(two-shot)  The Eagle asked as he dismounted
the gate, staring at the waiting stallion: Well, my 
Buck, what do you say?
Buck: Sure, let’s get it done--as he opened the gate
and stepped into the corral.
16(sound cue) the old leather hinges on the gate, 
and crowd murmuring over guitar chord.
17(cut to overhead crane shot) the whole corral,
as Johnny moves toward the dappled stud, and
rail riders were jockeying for better sight lines.
18(sound cue) saxophone & juice harp.
19(two shot) Johnny: Hey, my brave Chat-a-wa.
The stallion’s ears perked up, and he shook his 
head yes--These people have been treating you
like an Army mule, haven’t they? Well, relax son,
for we’re here now, me and the buffalo. Do you
remember the buffalo? Chatawa nodded. So, are
you ready for a treat?
20(medium wide shot) Johnny dipped into a partial
bag of oats by the fence and strolled right up to the
stallion. Buck was three paces behind. The stud
flattened its ears and backed up.
21(sound cue) Indian branch flute.  

Glenn Buttkus


brudberg said...

I love it... what a comeback for Buck and Johnny; but I wonder if the stallion will accept anyone else but them in the end anyway....

Kim M. Russell said...

A good dose of Blackthorn before the break. Have a great holiday, Glenn!

Petru J Viljoen said...

I wanted to know more! Rooting for the horse as usual.

tonispencer said...

After the events of the asshole shooting the two cats, I find it hard to read about animals being broken...I'm sorry Glenn. Normally I enjoy this but not today. Have a good Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Hugs to you.

Alison H said...

I like that he was a medicine horse...even though I'm not sure what that is. XX Have a good Christmas.

indybev said...

May the spirit of Christmas be with you and yours during this break time, Glenn. I always enjoy your poetic offerings!

scotthastiepoet said...

Have a great Christmas Glenn and may the New Year be an especially fruitful one for you... Am also enjoying your photography on FB...

Grace said...

Am learning from you about this medicine horse and breaking and taming the horses Glenn ~ Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays ~ Thanks for the nice review at Amazon, smiles!

Katie Mia Frederick said...

True.. Wild Horses Take
No sHit with OPen
HeArts WitH
No malice
oF HArm
noT aLL
men are
Wild Horses
Politics of man
Wild Horse or not
Timid Mouse with
MouthS TRaP..;)

Sanaa Rizvi said...

What a fabulous comeback for Buck and Johnny! Wishing you Merry Christmas Glenn, and a Happy New Year!❤️

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Oh, I want to know more!
Merry Christmas Glenn.
Anna :o]

Frank Hubeny said...

I wonder if Chatawa is going to escape somehow.

Mark Butkus said...

I'm way too young to have watched the old western serials in the cinema but this piece is dipped in sepia tones!



Pat R said...

Wow! I have to go back and pick up this story from the beginning. It's interesting reading it in script form too. Sounds so interesting training/breaking of horses. Like the relationship between man and horse.

Frank J. Tassone said...

Sure. Leave me hanging before the holiday! ;) Great write, Glenn!