Thursday, April 22, 2021

Banishing the Clown

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 Banishing the Clown

“We all know that Trump was a clown, Fascist and

a liar.”--Jane Fonda.

We all remember the stupid lame idiot, who

stole the Office of the President, keeping it

for a long four years. He was badmouthing the Jews,

Mexicans, Muslims, and Blacks, giving us a fit.

It’s a mystery how this ridiculous clown

kept himself in power, and we never found

a way to make sure Trump’s blunders and lies would be

blocked or removed, once he put them into law.

We suffered forever and could not find a real key

to rid us of his evil, and his every flaw.

Then came the election, and we discovered that

our right to vote finally got rid of the Rat.

Glenn Buttkus

Anapestic Tetrameter

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


robkistner said...

Keepin’ that needle sharp bro... never stop pokin’ it, lest we forget the nightmare that was...

Mish said...

He is a traveling circus though. What next?

Ingrid said...

A serious if clownish subject, thankfully with a happy ending! I hope all this talk of tackling the climate crisis begins to turn the tide.

JadeLi said...

I'd like to see his vaudeville act play at the bottom of the sea. No joke. He's still lurking about, laying low, and his "radicalized" puppets are on standby awaiting orders.

I hope as our nation grows stronger, his puppets will wake up from their spells and kick clownie to the curb.

Helen said...

Has to be one of the best renderings ever ... what a clown! Lisa is right about him lurking about ... what evil clowns do. Cheers, Glenn.

indybev said...

I'm still nervous that he's out there somewhere plotting and planning his revenge, and gathering his mindless minions. Great stuff, Glenn.

brudberg said...

I fear that we have not seen the last of him or his cohort... I fear you can put any clown out there and the rest will just follow.