Monday, April 12, 2021

Welcome Back

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Welcome Back

“Our future cannot depend on the government

alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes

and the actions of the American People.”

--President Joe Biden.

For over five years, while under the Trumpian heel,

I found it difficult to dream. My stygian nights were

filled with Fascist nightmares, burning crosses, 

nooses, swastikas, AK47’s, hypocrisy, betrayal, 

ignorance and cruelty. I shared this malady with

more than half the nation. 

But thank the universe Trump was soundly

defeated, leaving him as a disgraced one-term,

twice-impeached loser, marked as the worst 

President in our history.

Now I am a charter member of a new group,

club and phenomenon. Biden and Harris have

taken the helm and righted the ship. They have

willingly undertaken the monumental task of

reconstructing democracy. 

Our New Group, America Rises, exudes hope

and positivity. There is a neon sign over the

Clubhouse Door “If you are a dreamer, come in.”.

This is the moment for dreamers, time to link

arms and hearts and struggle together toward

the light.

Glenn Buttkus


Poetic line by Shel Silverstein.

Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub

15 comments: said...

I LOVE this, Glenn! I'm sure you're a charter member....I want to join! :) hmmmm what would a large button for this group look like? Background of a beautiful cloud....torch of our lady of liberty, the possibilities are endless and isn't that a good thing! :) Great take on the prompt.

brudberg said...

This sounds like a wonderful club... and I hope that we can all join in the dream... the world has felt the Trumpian heel even here.

indybev said...

A wonderful club indeed. It's so good to no longer be governed by maniacal tweet!

Gillena Cox said...

Its good to read that your dystopian nightmares are no more

Happy Monday


Carol J Forrester said...

America has some exceptional female politicians rising through the ranks at the moment, and it's wonderful to see one take the stage as vice-president. Trump was the sort of person who drew all focus to him, whereas I feel Biden allows those around him to step forward and be recognised more, without derailing all their work with some nonsense, attention grabbing tweet.

Pat R said...



JadeLi said...

You speak with a collective heart and mind here, Glenn. I had my doubts we'd ever get out of the quagmire. We can and will do this. Biden - Harris are the duo that light the way.

robkistner said...

Just brilliant Glenn, and powerful as Appalachian moon shine! Such and elegant and effective use of Shell’s wonderful line. You were gone for a bit, but brother — you back dude, you back!!

Tricia Sankey said...

America still has some dreaming left to do! Let's get to it!

Dwight L. Roth said...

A very good post Glenn! Without dreamers we all would perish in our misery!

Ellecee said...

A wonderful dream, I’m sure many share❣️🙏

Ingrid said...

A great piece full of hope, Glenn. Perhaps some of those dreams can come true now!

ben Alexander said...

Wait, is this actually true, Glenn? It seems totally plausible!


Kim M. Russell said...

All of the above. :)

Mish said...

Amen to that, dear poet friend! Well said. I don't think anyone in your country could ever imagine how this has affected us here. Our hearts ached with yours. Cheers to better days and freedom for dreaming.