Thursday, August 29, 2013


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“It is time to co-create a new reality, because the light
within us has been activated, & we must intensify that
flame until all false thoughts dissolve in the presence
of our Truth.”--Dr. Michelle L. Casto

Everywhere darkly deep
in the void, layered like
sleeping ice crystals,

like redwood rings,
like esthetic moss agate tableaus,
natal-wet with

cosmic viscus, furiously
fecund, squirming like blind microbes,
like a virus,

like sticky larva
in a nest of fire
ants--planets are

born in the
same instant others are extinguished,
their interstellar coupling

is timeless--as
we stare up at the
night sky thinking

we are seeing
stars, but actually much of
what we see

is only their
reflection, their essence moving across
unimaginable vastness, tricking

time, tricking us--
ripping at the very fabric
of the universe,

silent screams vibrating
beneath our visceral husk, beyond
understanding, beyond perception,

even deeper than 
our roller coaster ride of
life, as we 

hurl around the 
twists & turns of helix,
imprinting at Soul

level, where Self 
is still connected to AllThatIs;
glittering grains of

sand swirling up 
into scarlet wind snakes, whirling
over red dunes,

on the edge 
of yellow oceans, under four
suns in a

green sky; merely
sentient mute concentric overlapping circles 
spreading out enthusiastically

after impact, happily
rippling the loving surface of
those tiny puddles

in the corner 
of God’s eye, as Jesus wept
before we did.

Glenn Buttkus

August 2013

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

As per the prompt, this is a very old poem, rife with my past, re-edited into a Collum Lune; 
re-written, re-conceived, co-created with the Former Me. 

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Brian Miller said...

nice....fav lines...

born in the
same instant others are extinguished,
their interstellar coupling

is timeless

i like the contrast in this between your birthing, their winking out and the coupling...

also the marking at soul level...

so how was it collabing with your previous self? feels like time travel doesnt it...ha

Claudia said...

def a very different style than usual but really enjoyed the collab with your former self - ha - very cool - i think it's cool to look at the own poems after a bit with fresh eyes and re-edit

brudberg said...

O this was just beautiful... with a longer time as a poet it would be very nice to do... love what you did, a very smooth ride through the universe...

Anonymous said...

Susch a cosmic journey-food for the Doors I think. Good write Glen.>KB

Victoria said...

The title fits this so well. I especially like the three-line stanzas and the blend of cosmology and metaphysics, Glenn. Beautifully done--actually a poem to be savored.

Anonymous said...

I liked the enormity you presented in your words.
The tricky star lights and the new planets rising... Impressive.

Beachanny said...

I've been writing this myself in my last several poems with a different bent. The new knowledge sent by Hubble allows an understanding not known even twenty years ago. We see the sky as though we were actually travelers there. Your lunes as verse form was a good choice serving as traveler satellites of the galaxies. If you'd like to visit my most recent take on all of this it's here:

Laurie Kolp said...

This is so gorgeous, Glenn... especially the ending.

Unknown said...

A splendid galactic ride - I cannot pick out one stanza I like the best, they fold and connect so beautifully.

I found your reading spectacular and made the words that were already filled with a life even more vibrant.