Thursday, November 28, 2013

Holiday Hypnagogia

Holiday Hypnagogia

Art is the reproduction of what the senses perceive
in nature through the veil of soul.”--Edgar Allan Poe.

Today we have tryptophan dreams of pumpkin ponds,
with white gravy bubbling up in hot springs,
cranberries sprouting along mossy logs,
garlic mashed potatoes smothering dandelions
as summer ice wine ripples over rainbow rocks,
as catfish tickle cherub’s cheeks, frying up crispy
black in heavy pans, with fruit salad spilling
from woodpecker holes, 

as golden wolves devour wild turkeys, the very
same ones that had drown while staring up
at the rain, spitting out white feathers that would
never become part of pillows, as stovetop stuffing
is found in hot Hudson hub caps, as garlic bread
had cute holiday greetings burned into pungent bites;

then suddenly awake seeing the television screen
replaying the Macy’s Simpsons’ balloon deflation,
between blasts of roaring NFL football games
as apple/berry pies fly willy-nilly around the room,
and yellow squash cake slices itself into fat pieces;

only to awaken again, perhaps this time for real,
feeling hungry, somewhere between flatulence 
& sweet potato burps. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted this Thanksgiving over at dVerse Poets MTB

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Brian Miller said...

ha. the typical american thanksgiving..a mix of over eating and napping in football game finally comes on here in a about 15 minutes (GO STEELERS!)...we just got back from the NASCAR track where they do a huge light show every year...i got skimped on the pie though...i could def go for some pie....

hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving...

Claudia said...

smiles... oh i would love to try all that food... i would be excited like a kid probably...smiles... happy thanksgiving glenn and thanks for the fb turkey...smiles

Anonymous said...

Great images presented through food items.
"as golden wolves devour wild turkeys, the very same ones that had drown while staring up at the rain"- absolutely loved that bit. :-)

Janine Bollée said...

A tortuous journey causing twice yearly
indigestion :-)
A good brisk walk is called for.

Pealogic said...

Tremendous imagery, loved it

Unknown said...

Hahaha, I could picture every word. Sweet potato wind and all, made me glad I made vegetable lasagne instead.

brudberg said...

Oh this sound some overindulgence... very nicely done.. have only been to one Thanksgiving dinner.. and that was certainly a lot of food... The Swedish Christmas smorgasbord is similar in a way.. I might have to write a poem about that.

Marina Sofia said...

Ha, the comatose post-prandial delight... funny, clever, I am really enjoying this conceit thing...

Mystic_Mom said...

And gas from both ends! Well done my friend, well done!