Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passing in Review

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Passing in Review

“One must either take an interest in the human situation
or else parade before the void.”--Jean Rostand.

The soldier’s statue was fated to stand
forever at parade rest.

A library lion lies hungry, but can not
ever chase gazelles. 

Totem thunderbirds have great power without
the use of feathered wings. 

The lollipop-clown gang ride remains ready
to tickle, thrill, & whirl. 

The festive greenhouse sports a holiday tree
every day of the year. 

Life in a lava field flowers joy into a gray
ashen landscape. 

The ancient street clock, broken for years,
has succeeded in stopping time. 

Closed at midnight, the diner would not
let me order some apple pie. 

Without a bell, the church’s call to worship
was an electric chime.

The hot house heliotrope ladies always dress up
for their club meetings.

Pumpkin dwarves squat proudly beneath the shadows
of giant fir trees.

New windows installed in any abandoned house
will spark inquiries. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

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Brian Miller said...

ha...the clown gang...i dont know that i would want to tussle with them....smiles. really like the flowers in the lava field as well...

brudberg said...

I got more terror out of pumpkin dwarves.. many very keen observations here.. really a great set.

Anonymous said...

Such a delightful read. Various scenarios captured in these sentences. Really liked them.

Mary said...

I enjoyed a lot of these clever American sentences, Glenn. If I had to choose favorites, they would be

"Closed at midnight, the diner would not let me order some apple pie" and "The ancient street clock, broken for years, has succeeded in stopping time."

Susan Daniels said...

Loved what you caught here.

Janine Bollée said...

several of these lines made me grin: the heliotrope ladies require further investigation :-)

Anonymous said...

fave is the library lion line. ~

Claudia said...

ok - i want some apple pie now... but too late already here as well...smiles... i like the library lion-- reminds me of a specific library in nyc...haha and the heliotrope ladies of

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I enjoyed these glimpses, and felt sad for the forever-hungry lions.....

Anonymous said...

The hot house heliotrope ladies always dress up for their club meetings.

Something about this really sets my imagination running... :)

All delicious though - that was just my favourite! :)

Anonymous said...

You were on a roll Glenn. These were really excellent. I liked the lions most of all, thinking of the ones outside the NYC Public Library. >KB

Anonymous said...

Oh Glenn - I love your images - the lion and the hothouse ladies, oh and the electric church bell chime - wonderful sentences - each one a gem - K

Beachanny said...

Loved each & every one. I couldn't pull out a particular favorite. Noticed how you capture the season in nature references, and to the ladies ( or a particular season) who lunch - the flame of autumn's color invigorating before the quench of winter.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Brilliant dear Glenn - the latter: how true this is! (It piques my interest!)
Anna :o]

Grace said...

Well done Glenn ~ I specially like the ancient street clock and pumpkin dwarves ~

Mystic_Mom said...

LOVE! Just love. That is all. You find these twisty poetic trails and you ride them, walk them and then regale us with the journey! Well done my friend. Well done.

Katie said...

Very nice. I love all the imagery in this! :-)

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I especially enjoyed the lions, the clock, and the diner - so classic.

steveroni said...

Boy am I glad that poor soldier was destined forever to be at parade rest--instead of "at attention"!

And I SO liked new windows in empty house...guess I am a simple man--grin!

Thank God I never paraded before the void--WAIT! Maybe I DID for about twenty years, long time ago.

LIKED these so much, I read them twice. Thanks!

Kathy Reed said...

You are a master at these....such interesting combinations of images!