Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Lunar Lovely

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Lunar Lovely

“I have seen the movement of the sinews of the sky,
and the blood coursing in the veins of the moon.”
--Muhammad Iqbal.

For me, she has always been Luna, not Larry,
a pale pock-marked sexy Mediterranean lass
who likes to hide from me habitually behind
black-bottomed marine layers & mountain
cast--off cumulus, but near midnight for a
moment, or just before fiery bad boy, sunny
Jim, begins to peek over Cascade peaks, her
lithe luminescence filters sinuously through
the mists, clouds, & haze--and I can actually
see her sultry shape, like a temptress draped
naked in a very sheer nightgown with bright
light behind her, so that her tresses, breasts,
and long legs strike a scrumptious silhouette. 

I get a little light-headed & weak in the knees if
I stare at her for too long--get to feeling looney
& floaty, disconnected from terra firma, but alas,
our “romance” remains platonic, my ardor is
never delivered, for she giggles as she flees
the sky, ducking coyly under the cerulean
horizon, just as I am fully smitten, ready to
reach for her. I don’t think that she actually is frigid.
but she does come off as a real cold bitch.

If one is in love
with Miss Luna, like me, they
face embraces of ice.

Glenn Buttkus

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brudberg said...

I do love how you describe that coy temptress.. a true joy to read, but of course it can't be fun to be smitten by such beauty only to realize that she is slipping through your fingers, giggling...

Sanaa Rizvi said...

You have painted quite an enchanting scenario with your words! ❤

Grace said...

She is a tease, a temptress always running away. Ha, I think that icy part of her is part of her allure and mystery.

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Wow! Well I was with you, enchanted and in love with Luna....and especially that last stanza....and then wham! You called her a cold bitch and everything in me rebelled. Not because of the language -- lord knows we've all used language like this in poetry before and I have absolutely no problem with it at all....but Luna....oh Luna....I know she is cold but I want her to be a positive -- the Luna that always comes to be with us, even as she is slipping away we know she will return. Wow! Mark of a good writer, Glenn, that I had that literally visceral response to your ending! :) SO WELL DONE!

De Jackson said...

Glenn, this was hot hot HOT, and then a funny ending. Well done.

tonispencer said...

The 5-7-5 at the end sums this up nicely. I have a feeling she would be a cold heartless person in your eyes Glenn. Funny, I always see her as tender and lonely and not at all fickle but constant. But this was an excellent haibun in its form and content. I thought of doing a haibun but went with a Bussokusekika instead to keep it short and concise. I like the moon and have always thought of her as the woman in the moon or mother moon. She is a friend to me.

Truedessa said...

I absolutely love this poem. She is a lover in the night
teasing you with her hypnotic ways. You have captured
her mystical allure.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

What a great blend of humor and sensuality in this. Your sensory descriptions help me to be there observing her. She makes me a bit loony, too. By the way, your comments always delight and encourage and in themselves are poetic.

Gayle Walters Rose said...

I loved how you describe your relationship with Ms. Luna...poor guy, the moon is said to create havoc and chaos with our emotions and then you pulled no punches at the end and let her have it!

ayala said...

She is complicated :) I enjoyed. The humor and intimacy.

Debi Swim said...

for she giggles as she flees

the sky, ducking coyly under the cerulean

horizon...... a tease for sure

Kathy Reed said...

Luna stirs romantic as well as animal instincts. Here you paint a portrait of an erotic woman, alluring and sexy..yet cool and aloof. She is distant and desirable, unable to return you love, yet you are smitten nonetheless. Yours is a remarkable vision of a vixon.

Walter J. Wojtanik said...

Temptress, seductress, and a tease rolled into one. A hard one to please! Well posed, Glenn!

Katie Mia Frederick said...

SMiLes.. iT bRinGs
mE great pleaSure
And FeeLinG iN A
DiversiTy of Moon-liT
Women soUls.. particularly
oN Dance Hall niGhtS as the
come out
more free to
play wild moonliFe2..;)

lucychili said...

Harsh ending =)
I liked the tectonic platonics and the sinuous light =)