Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Travelers

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Time Travelers

“We could warp space-time so much that you
could go in a rocket & return before you set out.”
--Stephen Hawking

Quantum physics
on a gossamer thin thread
of time--                   
                              a transparent throbbing vein,
                            shaped like the living split
                          between the left and right brain.

                              Beyond the veil, time is
                        reputed to be superfluous,
                    where past-present & future
                  are One;       perhaps linear,
                                       perhaps circular,
                                       perhaps amorphous.

Beyond our tiny galaxy,            a cosmos within
a billion-billion universes          a cosmos within
gyrate like hungry pinworms    a cosmos within
devouring rotting flesh,             a cosmos within
like mountains of granite          a pea,       within
being crushed into infinite        God’s half acre--
grains of sand. like munching   beyond 
molecules in a dust bunny--      comprehension,
                              imagination, beyond thought;

those stars behind & beyond those dead ones we
see in our night skies, because we are barely able
to cope with the notion that travel outside of our
galaxy will require leaving our body behind in some
sort of cryonic stasis, embarking on a soul journey
after we learn to fold time & penetrate black holes,
expanding our minuscule consciousness--also
consider that

traveling beyond the beyond will only be the
beginning of our cosmic selves, & most certainly
we’ll need poets along on the journey(s) to insure
that posterity will accurately chronicle the 
tumultuous tale of humanity turning itself 
inside-out, to witness Time being filleted 
like a fat flounder, split open to the white
meat, probed, smoked & deboned.

We must become time
travelers in order to be

at one with our gods.

Glenn Buttkus

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lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

WOW! Just WOW! So MUCH of this is amazing --- the idea of traveling beyond beyond...and having poets along...brilliant. Even more so the description of cutting open, to fillet....that last stanza got an out loud reaction from me. Your mind goes so many brilliant places with your words, Glenn! Bravo!

brudberg said...

I also think we need the poets being narrators alone such a road... what a wonderful poem of time.

Paul John Dear said...

Epic time poetry...I loved this Glenn.

Waltermarks said...

I sure hope they bring poets, musicians, and artists. Who else would have the compassion to thaw out the know it alls, (snicker)?

Grace said...

A WOW from me too ~ I love the idea Glenn - bring all the artists along ~ This part is my favorite:

God’s half acre--
grains of sand. like munching beyond
molecules in a dust bunny-- comprehension,
imagination, beyond thought;

Truedessa said...

OK, some quantum dreaming going on here and I absolutely love it...every word...we are particles of cosmic dust entering the universe of time and space and everything in between. I am smiling

Kim M. Russell said...

Oh I love your poem, Glenn! As usual, you have played wonderfully with shape and form, space and time. I love the phrase 'a gossamer thin thread of time' and the idea that it's:
'a transparent throbbing vein,
shaped like the living split
between the left and right brain.'
That repetition of 'a cosmos within' is effective and the image of 'a billion-billion universes gyrating 'like hungry pinworms ... / devouring rotting flesh' is quite shocking.
I agree that 'we’ll need poets along on the journey(s)'!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

My goodness this is good!! Love "We must become time travelers in order to be at one with our gods." Beautifully penned!❤️

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto said...

Glenn, this is brilliant. The whole concept of Quantum Physics fascinates me, though I had enough challenge with just plain old physics.There is indeed such a spiritual dimension in that whole topic and in your poem. I enjoyed the variations in form you used.

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Stars of Neurons
connect and
of peptide
head to toe
mini-me UniVerses
Fractal aLL thaT iS we aRE..
no separation all iS wHOle
no wHEre to go..
as Now..
and without
a meadow i refuse
to leave this eARTh
noW as ALL iS heRe inSidE..
outsiDe.. aBoVE.. so BeloW
and aLL 'roUnd UniveRSaL miNd
wiThiN and BoDy SoUL Quantum
unleashed reLeAsed meta-phor noW
verse sAMe..
God are
all thAT iS
eNouGh foR noW..:)

Mark Butkus said...

Man! Your poetry always, always blows me away Glenn! Always!

Pleasant Street said...

I read this Tuesday, but didn't listen until today. I could listen to you read anything!
This is really good stuff, too much to take in on the first reading. I especially love the section starting with : "Beyond our tiny galaxy...."

I'll pass this on to my husband, who has had a love affair with space/time for all his life

robkistner said...

Love this Glenn! The writing is exceptional, and I enjoy the timbre and tone of your voice. Has a genuine ring, not studied to a sterile gloss. I need to get back to post my spoken word. I changed the platform of my site, and lost the recorded files I had archived, and the embedded playback plug-in. Oh well, maybe I will invest the energy?