Monday, October 8, 2018

Being Yucked

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Being Yucked

“Fools believe religious and political lies,
spewed by sociopaths, lies that tether us
forever to poverty and mediocrity--yuck!”
--Bobby Miller.

Trump is taking
a victory lap--

Kavanaugh is sworn in
and pissed off--

Now Trump can rule
without fear of prosecution--

Lady Liberty is bleeding
at the eyes--

Lady Justice 
has been molested--

It’s hard
to give a yuck.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


De Jackson said...

The last couple of weeks have been yucky indeed, Frank. I agree. This is clever.

brudberg said...

Yuck... the politics make me puke...
I will forever remember the brilliancy of a supreme quote nominee:

"I like beer"... please serve me some wine.

sarah said...

Clever use of rhyming(!) here. It does feel like we are descending into the muck - truly yuck.

Kim M. Russell said...

Even over this side of the pond we can sense the yuckiness of it all, Glenn.

Frank Hubeny said...

Nice last two lines.

tonispencer said...

Hopefully in the midterms we can get rid of some of the yuck and finally in 2020 the big Yuck!

indybev said...

I trusted you to bash Trump on this one. His Mississippi speech showed his true colors (as if we didn't recognize them already). The man would walk over his mother's dead body to gain his own ends.

Unknown said...

Yuck, yuck and more yuck. Well said.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Yuck is right! Sigh politics :(

Gina said...

I think everyone needed some levity, this was perfect. I yucked it all up too!

Mish said...

It's like a dark comedy that never ends. I keep waiting for somebody normal to stop the madness. Where is that person? Does he/she even exist? Over here in Canada, we are not laughing and truly do give a yuck. It is saddening to watch.

Waltermarks said...

These vicious battles have only one small bright spot I can see. When both sides are fighting each other, They pay a little less attention to me.

lynn__ said...

I knew you'd write about Trump! The hearing itself was rather yucky, how low can the Senate go?

Gillena Cox said...

Yuck indeed

much love...

Sreeja said...

amidst all the yuck...wonderfully written!

Frank J. Tassone said...

Nothing fun about being yucked over this way! Wild write!

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