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Blackthorne Episode 124

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Cinemagenic 124


Life is treacherous--we’re all sentenced to death,

living on borrowed time.”--Erik Pevernagie.

1(medium close-up) Buck: When they come, you

might need my gun.

2(one-shot) Hop: You got a bad habit of killing 

people. I hand you a weapon and I loose control of

the situation again. Nope, no gun.

3(two-shot) over Hop’s shoulder, Buck: Joe, there

are bought gunsels out there that will be glad to kill

you while trying to get to me. Johnny’s right, you can’t

reason with a rattler. Thor pulled on me while I was

still palavering. They want blood, and only lead will

get their attention.

Over Buck’s shoulder, Hop: You know Cash Bronson

real well, huh.

Buck: I know him well enough. He’s the one-eyed

jack in this town. I know I’m going to kill him if Johnny

doesn’t make it.

Hop: Christ--you’ve got killing on the brain. You just

calm down and let the law earn its pay. You won’t be

killing anybody. I sent for the U.S. Marshall last week.

He ought to be here any day now. With him here, I

doubt that Bronson will pull any shit.

Buck: In the dictionary, does the word “optimist” have

your picture under it?

Hop chuckled.

4(sound cue) Three large raps came through the over-

sized door.

5(close-up) Buck’s face, wracked with alacrity.

6(sound cue) Two more knocks on the door.

6(close-up) Hop’s face, calm and stoic, as he lit a

cigarette. Yeah?

7(sound cue) It’s Billy over castanets.

8(cut to the big door) which opened slowly and Deputy

Billy stepped into the room.

9(two shot) Hop, his feet up on the corner of the desk:

How are things?

Billy: Things are quiet, maybe too quiet, peering out

from under the rim of his hat, looking for Buck.

Hop: He’s in back, puffing on his thin yellow

cigarette, squinting through the blue smoke.

Billy: The Doc’s got patients all over the place,

a fucking madhouse. His wife and daughter are

helping out.

10(sound cue) Voice-over, Buck: How’s Johnny?

11(medium close-up) the Deputy flinched, startled

by Buck’s inquiry. He’s alive, but in rough shape,

in a coma. Doc says it’s a mild coma, and if he

regains consciousness, he’ll probably pull through.

12 (close-up) Buck: What are his chances?

Billy: Kind of slim. We should know more tomorrow.

Hop: How are we fixed for vittles?

Billy: We got the necessaries, a little bit of everything;

at least enough grub for a week. His bony thumbs were

stuck into his pant’s belt, his shirt sleeve rolled up over 

his forearm wound, sporting a new bandage, rocking

back and forth on his worn boot heels

Billy: Do you want me to rustle up something?

Hop: Hell, no.

Billy: You want some coffee?

Hop: Tell you about you trotting over to

the BRONSON HOUSE and getting us some hot

chuck; three plates should do it. When you get back,

we’ll button up this place. We’ll just fort up for a

couple of days.

Billy: Til the Marshal gets here?

Hop nodded. The deputy started for the door, then

stopped, a puzzled look on his face.

Hop: What’s the matter, forget something?

Billy: Uh--maybe, pointing to the gun rack, I might

should take a scattergun.

Hop: Uh-huh, sure.

Billy crossed to the gun rack. Hop tossed him a key

ring. He unlocked the padlock that fastened a chain 

through all the triggers. He chose a deeply blued

pump shotgun. He opened a drawer below the guns

and pulled out a box of shells. He fed six shells into

the gun. He started for the door again.

Hop: Billy?

Deputy: What? His voice cracked a little. His forehead

was sweating.

Hop: How you gonna carry three hot plates of food?

13(sound cue) coronet and snare drums.

Glenn Buttkus

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Kim M. Russell said...

I kicked myself when Björn said I’d missed the first readings and one of them was yours! I enjoy listening to Blackthorne so much. Poor old Buck is in a tight situation again, too. Things must be really bad if they sent for the U.S. Marshall and the doctor needs help. I love the dialogue and the humour between Buck and Hop – and the final line!

brudberg said...

As I said when you read it, it's a real cliffhanger there in the end. I really wonder about that last line... not looking good, maybe Hop needs to change his mind.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

I so enjoyed this one, Glenn! The plot is picking up at full speed and I wonder what's going on inside Hop's head. You had me smiling at "In the dictionary, does the word “optimist” have your picture under it?"💝

JadeLi said...

I wonder did Billy really need to risk his life by getting some chow when they have a week's worth already? I fear Billy is a goner if he goes, or he'll be persuaded to step aside and let the vigilantes take vengeance. Not a good place for them to be. I really hope Johnny makes it!!!

Ingrid said...

I'm new to dVerse and therefor Blackthorne, so I feel I have some catching up to do. I love the way you read your poetic movie script - I think you need to direct this movie and also have a starring role. Looking forward to the next installment!

Merril D. Smith said...

I had no idea you've been doing this series for so long! It was fun to hear you read it. Maybe some day you can get others to read the various characters!

Kerfe said...

Optimism is definitely not the feeling of the day. said...

So fun to hear you read this, Glenn. And very fun that we can all actually meet at the pub face-to-face! I do adore Buck! Personally, I'd like to see more of his lady friends :)