Monday, November 23, 2020

My Carcajou

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 My Carcajou

“Life will reveal all to you when the time is right

and the moon is bright.”--Guru S. Gill.

In the great northern forests where Sasquatch has 

been seen and not seen, where winter has stabbed 

into the heart of autumn with icicle stilettos and 

deep dangerous freezes, there are isolated places

where there is no man’s track, no smell of tobacco,

no tread-marks, no oder of alcohol, no garbage, no

zap of neon, sirens or horns.

There is a snow wraith that prowls in the deepest

shadows, striking fear into the hearts of cougar,

bear, and men, that possesses granite muscles

undulating beneath a striped mantle, a little

monster with musk sacs, part bear, part badger,

part skunk, with savage ferocity and courage

equaled nowhere--the white wolverine.

Only a few men have ever seen the albino Carcajou,

but I have many times, in my mind, seen the glorious

swath from the powerful shoulders to the base of its

great bushy tail, and the fearsome black-green weasel

eyes, and the razor fangs that can crush bone or bite

through a metal roof. I have seen the skunkbear

sitting back on its haunches like a wolf, and it has

seen me.

From Winter’s skull cap,

it expects me, as I leave

the stink of cities behind.

 Glenn Buttkus


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Lucy said...

Your writing is often stirring with a metamorphosis of honest and raw imagery that captivates your reader.

"where winter has stabbed

into the heart of autumn with icicle stilettos..."

This is my favorite line. That imagery alone reminds me of the likes of T.S. Eliot or even Frost. Such a beautifully written piece for the prompt. You are an inspiring writer, Glenn.

brudberg said...

I have seen the tracks of wolverine in the mountains in winter, but only once I have seen it for real. A shadow moving quickly across the mountainside...

Merril D. Smith said...

It must be amazing to be in that sort of wilderness. I also liked the icicle stilettos. A visceral image.

JadeLi said...

Wow, Glenn. As I read this I can't help but think that the albino wolverine is your totem animal. One of your most powerful poems so far that I've read. I'd love to go to that place and not feel fear.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

So much to love here especially; "there are isolated placeswhere there is no man’s track, no smell of tobacco,no tread-marks, no oder of alcohol, no garbage, nozap of neon, sirens or horns." Amazing write, Glenn 💝

indybev said...

Oh, Mr Glenn, you DO have a way with words! This is beautifully written. Kudos!

Dwight L. Roth said...

Your musky creature sounds to me like the death angel of the wood! You have some great imagery!

Ingrid said...

This wolverine seems like a true wonder of nature. I love the picture you paint of leaving the city behind and entering the vast wilderness.

Francis said...

You have opened up a world totally alien to me -- terrific.

Mrityunjay Dixit said...

This is superbly crafted! I loved every line of it, nicely done :))

Kim M. Russell said...

I agree with Jane’s comment that she left on the dVerse comments, this poem has a certain menace to it that differs from your usual irony and wit. The sense of danger is palpable. I love the way you describe winter in the great northern forests as having ‘stabbed into the heart of autumn with icicle stilettos’, and the snow wraith that strikes fear into wild animals as well as men - safer to see it only in the mind, though, Glenn. Your haiku really hits the spot.

Helen said...

One of the most descriptive haibuns I've read .... beautifully penned.

robkistner said...

Wow Glenn, powerful my brother! Love the way you ended the prose section. I could see it like s stare down.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Reminded me of a poem by John Haines where he met a moose on the trail.