Monday, August 2, 2021

Gluteus Maximus

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 Gluteus Maximus

“August rain, the best of summer gone, and the new

fall not yet born.”--Sylvia Plath.

I ask myself, am I an august person? The gnome on

my left shoulder says,”Damn rights you are. You have

always been impressive, and people do respect your

many talents.” But the gnome on my right shoulder

reminds me that I have never been really dignified.

Yes, I can be imposing, mercurial and outspoken,

a functional loose cannon, a bit of a muckraker,

but I fall short of being majestic, pompous, regal,

princely, or kingly; and only maybe I’ve had some

magnificent moments, or superb creativity.

He reminds me further than I have always been

blue collar, part of the Proletariat, not the fucking


Now the Donald does aspire to be august. Yes we 

share a Gemini birthday, but on his best day he is 

the canker sore, the butt fudge to my fairy dust, 

compassion, and fair-mindedness. He dreams of 

being Caesar Augustus, while I dream of being 

Thomas Paine, or Spartacus leading the slave 

rebellion against Rome.

Harvests in August

include potatoes, onions.

beets, kale and garlic.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at d'Verse Poet's Pub


Frank J. Tassone said...

A lively contrast between yourself and the former president. I like the imagery of gnomes on your shoulder, and your identification with Sparticus.

("I am Spartacus!"

"No, I am Spartacus!")

Great write, Glenn!

indybev said...

I laughed aloud at the appropriate title for the sculpture! I wonder where he'd been keeping Melania. She's practically disappeared!!

sarah said...

If you and the Donald share a star sign, well, that kind of indicates that astrology is not all it's cracked up to be! Lacerating as ever, Glenn.

Gillena Cox said...

The gnomes on your shoulders know nothing. You know and that's just perfect.
Stay Safe

Happy you dropped by to read mine


robkistner said...

Excellent Glenn, right solid in your groove! Thrash that arrogant bastard until he can’t stand up brother — rage on! Rage on my friend!

Poetry for Healing said...

This made me laugh out loud! I always side with the proletariat too! Piss off Trump 🤣

Pat R said...

Glenn, you continue to let him get way too far under your skin!!!;it's funny though... good write. And that bust, and the name, omg!!


Jane Dougherty said...

Trump is like Covid, I'm sick of both of them. Isn't there a hole they can both be dropped into a forgotten about? A black one, out in space somewhere?

ben Alexander said...

The juxtaposition of the prose and poem really landed with me, Glenn! (and -wow- you keep on coming back to Trump pretty often... he seems to have really affected your thinking.)


Kerfe said...

I like the ending verse especially. Let's eat!

Marion Horton said...

Very funny. Perhaps you could lend him the gnome on your right shoulder?

JadeLi said...

When I look at the image you used I want to shoot it, aiming at its blubbery pouting lips. May he languish, wilt, and fall in the near future.