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“Music is always a creative process that comes

from the heart. It’s a feeling, a vibration that we

ride on.”--Maurice White.

In Chicago,

the windy city,

in 1969,

Maurice White, formerly

of the “Salty Peppers”,

formed “a new kind of  band”,

akin to the big sound of “Chicago”.

Maurice wanted to create

a unique kind of sound,.

something “elemental”,

authentic, flexible, complex

and all-inclusive.

He put together a rag-tag

bunch of his musical friends,

and called it--

Earth, Wind, & Fire.

The band has gone on 

performing for 53 years. 

It’s style spans jazz,






                        Latin &


They have sold 90 million records,

are multiple Grammy winners,

are on the Hollywood Walk of Fame,

and have been inducted into

the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, and Alicia Keys

call it their “All time favorite band”.

When Maurice was asked why 

“Water” was left out of their name,

he said,”Too many words”.

Glenn Buttkus

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sarah said...

I love that ending! A seminal band.

Grace said...

I love the band and their songs. Now I am playing, Let's Groove Tonight.

Brendan said...

More groove, fewer words. How many shoes and bedposts have I worn out shakin' to ELP.

Fireblossom said...

Too many words! And there you have the dead-simple answer! I regret to say that I haven't really listened to EWF, though I'm sure I've heard some and just didn't know who it was. When Miles Davis and Quincey jones call you their favorite band, that's high praise indeed.

Thank so much for your comment at my place, it made my day. (It went to spam for some reason, but I have learned to check. It's up now.)

Arcadia Maria said...

Lovely tribute to one of the greatest bands around.

robkistner said...

Love this piece brother! What a great address to the prompt, and what a fabulous band. I remember, that very first time in September, 1978, when I heard that particular song. My son Justin was born that year, my band was just back off the road taking a sabbatical, and I had just opened my first home theater design office. I had heard “September” while we were playing in Atlanta, and I was trying earnestly to find out the name of the song. I wanted my band to cover it when we began practices again. Still love the song.

paeansunplugged said...

What a lovely, tribute!

Nitin said...

A wonderful tribute. I've heard so much about them but never listened. I think it's time.

Tricia said...

Love your take on the prompt! Earth, Wind, and Fire does sound better than Earth, Air and Fire as well. Great band!

Merril D. Smith said...

Wonderful tribute, Glenn, and perfect ending!

Kim M. Russell said...

Music to my eyes, Glenn.

Mish said...

53 years..that's incredible. You gave them a deserving tribute. Nice take on the prompt.

Misky said...

Time flies when the music's good!

sean@bogie said...

What an excellent take on the elements. I think they left out water so as not the dampen their endless enthusiasm for music.