Friday, June 20, 2008

In Labor Minimus

Painting by Rick Mobbs

In Labor minimus

No school today,
stayed home
and did yard work.

It was a physical week;
this Monday there was
a 25 mile bike ride;
Tuesday involved
some serious weed-whacking
on the slope
behind the hedge;
in order
to find the hedge
under all the weeds.
Wednesday I mowed the lawn,
And today
it was a matter
of dragging up
all the stuff
cut Tuesday,
and running it
through the chipper.
what I used to get
running my shop,
that's several hundred dollars
worth of labor.

Here is the profit;
[view beautiful flowers
in an even more beautiful vase],
Of course,
I had nothing to do
with either the raising
of the flowers,
or the picking
of the flowers,
or the arrangement
of the flowers.
And, what's more,
I don't even remember
that vahze
hanging around the house

it's a nice bunch,
and will be
until about 2:00 PM
when all the petals fall off
and we sweep them up
and dump them
in the compost.

Sic transit gloria floria.

Orry vwah and a jew.

Doug Palmer June 2008

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