Friday, June 20, 2008

OMG, I Am A Poet

OMG, I've written another poem!
I'm not sure I agree with Butch about that.
Poems are supposed to be incomprehensible assemblages of words and phrases that just might as well mean...well, anything.
Seems to me that anything that just says something is merely prose.

Think on it, just what in the heck is E.A.P. yapping about with his silly ass talking Raven?


Most of the other "great" poets read like the OED run through a shredder.

I can understand what Glenn and Janet and Alex are talking about.

It's all very nice and I love it but it's comprehensible, therefore it must be something other than poetry.

Doug Palmer, expounding on his good fortune and hidden assets over on FEEL FREE TO LAUGH.

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