Thursday, June 12, 2008


Painting by Rick Mobbs


During yesterdays attempt
to consolidate
all my running around,
gas-burning chores
into one green trip,
due to forgetfulness,
and not knowing when
the library opened,
turned out to be
anything but efficient.

I became aware
of some Bach piano music
on the radio
Nothing unusual in that,
of course,
but just as I was fantasizing
about a Columbo design
Ferrari V-12 engine,
(the one with
the ball bearing
roller cam followers
and the hairpin valve springs),
I heard a faint human voice.

It was Glenn Gould,
wasn't it?
So I listened
more carefully,
(one of the English suites);
notes like little ice cubes
floating off the keyboard
perfectly choreographed
all exactly in
the proper place and time.

This was the high point
of that trip,
or I should say,
eventually involving,
due to my lack
of adequately composed mentis,
four of 'em.
I decided
to bag any thoughts
of efficiency,
and hole up
with mindless entertainment
and junk food.

When I got home
with a couple VCRs
and a bag of Tim's Cascade
Wasabi flavored potato chips,
the day's sojourn
was made complete
by the realization
that the bag I had bought was,
in reality,
sour cream and onion.

Doug Palmer June 2008

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