Monday, March 12, 2012

Lollipop Kids

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Lollipop Kids

It is awakening naked in the hedgerow,
thicket and brambles realizing
your comfort in the cradle
the branches have created around your bones,
even as they grate together.
The thorns piercing flesh
to places untouched
and feed on your lifeblood.
No sun.

Hearing your name, the one no one knows
& even you have forgotten over time
for disuse, sweetness on your ear
and at the same time knowing
how much it will hurt to crawl out.
Crying out and only your echo returns.
Chipped finger nails etching lines
on your legs as you pull away,
making you feel wanted,
whispering promises of pleasure
in your ear as it strokes your sex.

This is what you will miss, it tempts.
Don't you remember why you came to us, it chides.
It will happen again
and what will you do without us?

Then guilt. Then anger. Then laughter
as you lay just out of their reach
in a pool of yourself,
struggling to draw a ragged breath.
The ache as it enters your body.

Look at you, you will be back,
on your knees soon enough,
but I will not wait for you, it sneers.

Shivering and alone. Blind thick black,
the light so bright & shadows reaching.
Fear they might be no different,
even as they welcome you home.
Home, a foreign word in your mouth,
much less your heart. But---

Her eyes are the spaces between words,
the distance of stars
as she looks out the window.
Tight skirt and torn fishnet,
blue bruise purple, hair a mess,
leaving lipstick on the end of cigarettes,
one after another after another.

Ash rains from the next shaking tip
as she rubs her face.
Catching my gaze she smiles lopsided,
like a circus clown, the ones
you know are only make up, quick then breaks,
stubs and slips shades in place
to cut the suns brightness.

She totters a bit as she crosses the parking lot,
to a car with Kansas plates.
Her ruby heels click, click, click-ing in her wake.

brian miller

Posted over on his site Way Station One

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