Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Return of My Coffee Rooster

painting by kay wyne

the return of my coffee rooster

my coffee rooster flew back in through the
dog door this morning with muffins for all,

his tales from far beyond the pastried portal
leaving me, as usual, with maps in my eyes.

he’d been to sea with van gogh’s blue guitar
and georgia o’ keefe’s thanksgiving ukulele,

sailing on tall ships made from fine fiddles
and scrapbooks of far-off singing at night.

he’d yodeled in the alps with gandhi’s beagle
and gambled in paris with shakespeare’s cat.

he’d crept up einstein’s rose trellis to peek
at him and churchill sitting knitting socks.

told me his favorite part was arm-wrestling
nostradamus the october night they sat up

baking and eating starlit pies and laughing
until sunrise sang them both off to dreams

of moonkissed maidens they hope to one day
meet and marry on martha’s vineyard or mars.

Jannie Funster

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Lane Savant said...

Your poems are absolutely delightful