Friday, March 23, 2012

White Indian Wannabe

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White Indian Wannabe

great great grandmother,
on my mother’s side,
was a Cherokee princess;

perhaps more realistically,
a dark-skinned woman
who was short, stout,
and flat-faced,

simply a brief liaison of passion
with one of my white pioneer

and when the heat faded,
we were left
with Indian blood,

just like Johnny Cash,

Glenn Buttkus

March 2012

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Anonymous said...

I've known a lot of people like this. At one point, I thought I might have Apache, but it turned out to be Spanish instead. If asked, I'd smile and say I'm mongrel.

moondustwriter said...

you can see the cherokee in my son in the summer / dark skin and dark hair - a heritage to be proud of tho there is little left

Brian Miller said...

def something you can take pride in...somewhere down the line i am kin to william the conqueror...