Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meraki Mumbling

painting by maria zampedroni

Meraki Mumbling

"What can be explained is not poetry."
--W.B. Yeats
There I was lying holy
in a halcyon hotole, admiring
the cairn I had constructed while
in the natiful throes of chiplick bliss,
searching for the elusive astoe balance,
sketching the stersha stipes midst mastication
of their musky caps, fixated on the bristlecone
eyespot that contained whorls and tendums
a thousand bilanos deep, before rising
indantly to capture a red latostyr that
had fluttered innocently into the
cluster of bilino blossoms all
about me, for I would ever
be just a husky honist
laden with skytio
a perspou poet
infatuated with ireatio words,
that language that embraces softly
like Harlow’s silken robes, begging ever
so sweetly to become pupticious poetics
and I, of course, cannot deny
such genthic entreatments.
Glenn Buttkus
July 2012

Posted over on dVerse Poets

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Anonymous said...

Love the painting and the logophilic response. I need to read again with dictionary in hand!

John (@bookdreamer) said...

Now that is playing with language!

Brian Miller said...

ok, confirm for me you made these words up...haha...i tried translating a few and got nothing but you did them in a way that i could still figure a meaning from them as well...thanks for not denying yourself...smiles....

Anonymous said...

Like Carroll meets Vogon poetry :). They seem intended closer to nonsense than neologisms, an interesting experiment, tongue in cheek perhaps.

Glenn Buttkus said...

Yes, tongue in cheek for sure. Many of these "words" were the nonsense combinations needed to log onto other people's blogs. I have used some of them in other poetry too, and it is great fun.

Anonymous said...

I love the shape and... correct me if I'm wrong but I rather think you love playing in the word sandbox. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had to smile when I read your source for some of your words--a fun take on the prompt for sure. Then I went back and reread your poem and was laughing. Thanks for sharing the art as well--it's lovely.

Blogger gave me dsndsos to leave this. :)

Susan Daniels said...

Like this, lots.

Anonymous said...


Logolepts, two words: Finnegans Wake