Friday, January 10, 2014

Kid Stuff

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Kid Stuff

“I’m going to model myself after Kurt Russell
and Jodie Foster.”--Haley Joel Osment.

can be
hard for
a child star,

ask Haley
Joel Osment,

little Gump
at 8;

saw dead people
at 11;

was a kid cyborg
in A.I.
at 13;

paid it forward
with Spacey
at 12;

romped with
Michael Caine &
Robert Duvall
at 15;

& drugs,
brought him

Glenn Buttkus


Mary said...

Glenn, your '55' is very poignant and sad. So often it seems stardom for the young can be a double-edged sword. So often, despite their talents, drugs and booze ensnare. I'm going to google 'Haley Joel Osment' as soon as I leave your site!

Brian Miller said...

ugh. far too many child stars blow up under the spotlight and end up crashed....we def dont do them any favors....

Yvonne Osborne said...

A sad but true 55. So many child stars are brought down by adulthood. A tough life. My son was told he could be a model, told he was a natural in front of the camera, but he didn't fall for that, became a dishwasher, then a prep cook, then a sous chef, and so on. Both my kids....glad they stuck to the restaurant business. Thanks for reminding me how luck I am.

G-Man said...

Most excellent observation of our time
You always have a take on what's happening
Nicely written 55
Thanks for playing, thanks for your awesome support
Have a Kick Ass Week End

Margaret said...

I have a son who can only imagine himself an actor, writer, poet, singer, etc. He is talented, but so are many others. He is at a great school for a drama education, working hard. His expectations" to do good work" - not fame. I would never allow them to be in that world as a child. My daughter is in the same college for scene design - She is a great portrait artist, but a job will be nice too. I'm so glad they are pursuing education and degrees - yet that doesn't mean success… for anyone these days!

55 very sharp words here…