Thursday, April 30, 2015

Justuss Four All

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Justuss Four All

“I shall conquer untruth by truth--& in resisting untruth,
I shall put up with all suffering.”--Mahatma Gandhi.

Bantam George W still pimps
             like a pernicious pisscock when visited
                           by the hungary media hoars midst the blackened
             Bushes,            watching his Daddy Bigness spank him pinklish
                           with a rolled-up Saudi flag,
                                       as jaunty Junior begs to have his pants
                                  pulled all the way goosed-down
                           so that he could moor-fully envoy the Monty-
                  momentum--& they all tin-can sea that
           W still sports that crooklyn simpletonish smyle
as he spews non-prop ignoredent, racecyst, elitryst epithreats,
           followed furiously by a hearty laff, several toots of pork-ribbed
                  flatulance, a stumblini cowtoy’s two-step as he tap-pranced
                            in his alligator-skinny London Larados, before rump-
                                    riding Republican hybred roosters, & tossing hand-
fools of honey boo-boo rotten eggs
against pretentious political postures
of the present-President, cakkling like
Gieger’s child that suddenly pops out
of disobedient sychophant’s chests,
red-naked & slimy, its rows of tiny teeth
sharpened to possum-perfection.


Never give a puse--pigeon a wind-up Glock, for the wait of it will way-down
his panties, leeding to the soiling of his Florsheims, just spooling his purple-
pinky panache, & whetting his quillious, flurious party-harbors; for his
Sillyness bee-leaves himselfish to be an amouritis Lucretio, all draked-up
in his slick zoot-feathers.


Terrence was the littletrane that wood, al-bee-it not kould, steem up the
lecherous terrain of mutinous dandylying-stems, searching in vane for
the legendary Round Mouse so that Evenhee could join the rusty ranks
or betreemoth Ironic Norses, all those leather-faced larcenous locomotives,
derailed, derelict & dusty, spider webbing in broken headlamps, rat’s nest
motels set up in busted boilers as steamless, never seamless whistles
are now & forever mute as a stringless lute buried beneath the sharpie-
thorns of belligerent blackberry bushes.


Calico cats with earthworm whiskers
gathered growling around carthage cans in the ally,
some grumpy, some lumpy, many just dumpy,
wheezing, caterhauling like a barber shop quatrain,
decked out in all nine suits, just particular peaces
of each in missorted collars, their legal clause smeared
rainflow-brite, their cattaboy-slits covered in cheap contexts,
with each I a differential hewn, there sand-dollar tungs
flicking like serpent-queen jelly-dancers.


I tell you all dog poets beg for word bones, or dig four them
with mischievous mechanical paws while wiggle-wagging
techno-collapsable ink-smeared tales, pantsing with their
terrycloth tongues, always thirsting for truth, always exposing
hairless loins as their peanuts dangle in the win-win, 
nearly butt-blind to failure; 

searching for participles of passion-fruit,
searching for lusty witches in rut,
searching for soft fat laps on wiccan legs,,
searching for phrase turns & ironclad ironies.

Here’s to the daffy drools--
may their words shine with foxfire,
soul-dust, hart-brakes, & brain-icing,
for the world needs them;
regardless of false evidence to the contrary. 

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over on dVerse Poets MTB

Would you like to hear me read this Cathacresis poem to you?


Marina Sofia said...

Do you know, you'll have me searching for participles of passion-fruit from now on? That sounds just perfect! A lot of strong language and zany imagery here - and most of it works perfectly. I love this kind of experimentation - I suppose it's a bit like improv in theatre. I particularly liked the stanza beginning with calico cats with earthworm whiskers...

Anonymous said...

I loved so many bits in this piece.
"he spews non-prop ignoredent, racecyst, elitryst epithreats"

"...all those leather-faced larcenous locomotives, derailed, derelict & dusty, spider webbing in broken headlamps, ..."

"may their words shine with foxfire, soul-dust, hart-brakes, & brain-icing, for the world needs them"

Such a use of words and metaphors comes naturally to you. What an enjoyable read!

Mary said...

Well, Glenn, I would say you took to this prompt big-time. I enjoyed all of the stories you told. I laughed about dog poets begging for word bones. Ha, and sometimes those bones are hard to find!

Unknown said...

Back in the day, after you reading this aloud, you would have been greeted with many finger snappings. I cannot pick out any one image because they are all so crazy good. You took to this like a duck takes takes to mud. Well done! snap snap snap

brudberg said...

I can tell you enjoyed this prompt Glenn.. the cats for sure jumped out at me.. sounds like a hoot of an alley to be is... splendid to see you so inspired. My fingers tried to trace through the meanings and my thoughts started to meander along paths I never knew existed.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Calico cats does it for me Glenn!
Anna :o]

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Smiled all the way through at your cleverness, but got really happy during the stanza about the dog poets wanting word bones - from there till the end is especially fantastic!

Peggy said...

Fun reading these. You seemed very inspired by this prompt--I am still stuck but will keep at it.

Anonymous said...

politics is always ripe for humor Glen - I guess that cat unswallowed his tongue.

Joan Barrett Roberts said...

I love your humor in your writing! Smiling over here

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Glenn! This was something! The W rant had me rolling - and love the lines ' now & forever mute as a stringless lute buried beneath the sharpie- thorns of belligerent blackberry bushes.'And the entire calico cats stanza was a hoot. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, this makes me want to understand more about American politics...ok, I take that back. This was outrageous in description, so rich in "outside of the box" metaphors... vivid, packed with imagination.

Anonymous said...

some fun alliteration in this, Glenn!

Katie Mia Frederick said...

I just came over for the ride on this one.. as i knew the creativity in your words will be spilling the beans on this one..:) Ah.. to let it go.. and flow.. wherever the cliches or not go..;)