Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Quartet of Eights

borrowed from shadowness.com

Quartet of Eights

“I prefer a quartet--it makes everyone
work harder.”--Adrian Belew.


Worlds within worlds reflect
the overlapping dimensions we inhabit.
Realities most fail to even detect--
worlds within worlds reflect
homeostasis, universes to inspect;
conjuring dreams of riding a comet.
Worlds within worlds reflect
the overlapping dimensions we inhabit.


Rusting steel girders still span
over America’s many mighty rivers,
flexing under the heavy burden
as frantic commute traffic flows.

Flexing under the heavy burden
as frantic commute traffic flows
over America’s many mighty rivers
rusting steel girders still span.


A dozen street artists linked their joy
and painted Russian faces from Tolstoy.
Art from spray cans--no sign of a bucket,
men in fur hats, a peasant girl in a bonnet.
Soot-covered workers in a hellish factory,
several revolutionary soldiers celebrating victory.
Painted on the walls of a Tacoma parking garage,
until removed secondary to a city council barrage.


There is something gorgeous to be said
about particular unshackled poetry that emerges
from its den of cortical chrysalis
& sprouts huge wet wings,
luminescent rainbows of every hue,
translucent gossamer feathers strongly rooted,
as wild words transform into shape-shifting
heartfelt imaginative inexorable boundless poetics.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Poetics

would you like too hear me read these 8-line poems to you?


Wolfsrosebud said...

I do like poetry's wet wings

brudberg said...

Interesting examples .. I kind of liked the graffiti one, though I would have preferred that they kept those Russian motives.. But I can tell your comfort is with the free verse.. (BTW I almost never count my syllables.. I feel pentameter)..

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

A wonderful diverse selection of verse!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever accused you of being an overachiever? When I saw your title that was my first thought. I love all four of these various octets, all different but with the eight lines in common. Very nice. Peace, Linda

Mary said...

You are really good with form poetry, Glenn. I am a fan of the triolet and I really like yours in this. You were a glutton for punishment trying so many different forms...I do commend you.

Grace said...

I admire the different 8 but my favorite is the last one, words unfettered winging to boundless imaginative poetics ~

Have a good week Glenn ~

Gabriella said...

You were very ambitious with your octets, Glenn. I think my favorite is the Ugalino. They are not as easy as they look to write but I like that the second stanza throws a different light on the subject matter.

Anonymous said...

you really rocked each one Glenn! 4-square :)

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Ah.. yes the unfettered
freedom of eights that
flow and go wherever
creativity without thots
does thoth's truth come
true.. without thoughts
of boundaries that sew
heart and soul locked8..:)

Anonymous said...

a lot of good stuff like unshackling poetry and the homeostatic universese and the overlapping dimensions of reality

Things Could Be More Reliable

grapeling said...

there *is* something to be said - and you said it well ~

Kathy Reed said...

Each stanza leads us onto into a different road, story, or idea, but most comfortable to me is the first one for its existential theme. However, all contain unique sound bites and have potential to take off and have lives of their own.

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I love all the four octets. Refined poetry at its best.
Loved this bit in particular: "that emerges from its den of cortical chrysalis & sprouts huge wet wings".

lynn__ said...

Impressed with your form poetry, but your wild words soar best unfettered!

C.C. said...

I love the imagery of wild words transforming into boundless shape-shifting poetics :-) Lovely and full of passion.

Anonymous said...

although free verse may be your usual form, you have shown, today, that your skill is not limited to free verse, as you rocked form poems too!

Truedessa said...

Wow - I wasn't sure what I would find here so glad I came over. I enjoyed all of these, but you know my fave would be the first one..smiling. Worlds within worlds and a Triolet I've come to like this form as it can be a bit dramatic..wink..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images in unfettered.
The Ugalino is very interesting. I learned a new form today.