Friday, December 4, 2015


image from John Guttman  1935


“During the Great Depression, audiences loved the funny men,
laughing their worries away. So I decided to become one.”
--Jerry Stiller.

“Come on, buddy-boy--forget about Mary-Lou. She’s a bitch

“I know, but I was in love with her.”

“Never trust a trapeze artist.”

“Maybe I’ll get a real job, & quit this horseshit clowning.

“It’s 1935. We’re in a Depression. You’re a dwarf. Get real.”

“Ah, it’s all crap. I hear Babe Ruth is retiring too.”

Glenn Buttkus

Posted for Mama Zen over at With Real Toads


Anonymous said...

Glenn--Funny. I loved that photo as well. (And I adore Jerry Stiller. Still do.)

brudberg said...

I guess, being laughed at can break you down. I really hope he could quit, but I guess in the end it's getting food that counts. Made me think of big Fish... but that was Karl the giant.

kaykuala said...

Being a funny does not take money, easy job, why not? Baseball would have been a disaster w/o Babe..Great lines Glenn.


° said...

Ha. Love these lines:

“Never trust a trapeze artist.”
“It’s 1935. We’re in a Depression. You’re a dwarf. Get real.”

Outlawyer said...

I think trapeze artists could keep you on a real see-saw! Thanks, Glenn. k.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"It's a depression and you're a dwarf. Get real." Loved this!

Margaret said...

Great reading! Poor guy, at least he has his friend - but not sure he wants to hear the truth :). Fine ending.

grapeling said...

something about those two that grabbed me, too. humor on wry.... ~

Maude Lynn said...

Never trust a trapeze artist. I love that!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Very funny. Yes,great minds...