Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dazzle Me Deeply

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Dazzle Me Deeply

“If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance,
baffle them with bull shit.” --W.C. Fields

When I feel & hear the powerful razzle 
of twin mufflers from a 500 hp muscle
V-8, I get faint with macho joy.


Reading another’s poetry, or even re-reading
my own, when I encounter those words, phrases
or images that dazzle me, I am fulfilled as
a citizen poet.


In thirty years, my wife’s eyes, wit, & sensuality
have not lost one iota of their incredible sparkle.
I carry cheap sunglasses for protection. 


The dimwitted Donald would like you to believe
that he possesses political razzle, though he comes
across like a carnival barker or grand wizard or
grimy grifter--but for many of us his ersatz dazzle
has all the sparkle of an enormous repugnant
mud pie atop a ton of chicken shit.


Fall has the power to
razzle hearts, dazzle our eyes
and sparkle spirits.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


brudberg said...

Ha... Love the way you taught the meaning of a donald razzle... nope I can't be bought. But I love to be dazzled by the fall.

Marilyn Cavicchia said...

I love the part about your wife and how you need sunglasses for protection. :) Also, those last two lines. Very enjoyable poem today!

lillianthehomepoet.wordpress.com said...

Oh you REALLY ran with this one, Glenn! LOVE it all -- and most especially thinking about you in sunglasses after all those years, casting your gaze upon your wife's sparkling eyes!
And yes -- the Donald is trying for the razzle dazzle -- but the threads of his silver lame suit are starting to ravel and his tap shoes have lost several of the studs that hold them to his soul-less feet!
VERY well done, sir!

Kim M. Russell said...

I love that W.C. Fields quote! Great razzle here and your haiku rounds it off nicely, Glenn!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Goodness gracious Glenn :D I agree with Lillian on this. Totally floored ❤️

De Jackson said...

Oh, Glenn. This rare and shining glimpse into your present life makes my heart smile:
"In thirty years, my wife’s eyes, wit, & sensuality
have not lost one iota of their incredible sparkle.
I carry cheap sunglasses for protection. "


tonispencer said...

My comment was lost...alas. I love the fact that you are still in love with your wife and that she still dazzles you. So sweet and romantic. I could have done without the political verse though. But the rest of it was sublime.

Misky said...

I love the one about your wife. Nice.

Maude Lynn said...

The Trump one is perfect.

Sreeja said...

Loved the way you put it...really a razzle dazzle poem!!

lynn__ said...

You piled it on too thick with politics...but the sunglasses are a sweet accessory!

Stacy MS said...

your posts are always many-faceted.
i enjoyed reading it all!
your dazzle poem is delightful.

Paul John Dear said...

Wonderful stuff...but maybe upgrade the sunglasses to reflect the level of sparkle ;)

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Ha! wondering
if the Conservatives
would come out to play too..
ah.. sore
at straws
of ignorance
as usual.. missing
the razzle dazzle of
liFe so free
so free
and liGht..
and nah.. why
should poetry alWays
have to agree.. heheR..
with a
at hand
or feat of foot..;)

Mish said...

Each one is a gem!

Debi Swim said...

"I carry cheap sunglasses for protection" now that is a tribute a woman can wear with a wicked grin. You be a blessed man

Anonymous said...

I feel like you've allowed us a unique fly-on-the-wall visit into your life. Thank you for sharing this with us!