Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prophet of Change

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Prophet of Change

“No one is free--even the birds are
chained to the sky.”--Bob Dylan.

Right now, folks,
stupid gathers strength, like
a virulent virus hidden within winds of change.
Admit that the waters around you have grown--
that you’ll be drenched to the bone;
even as the Donald denies global warming,
claiming it is just Chinese propaganda.

What the world needs now
is a hand basket full of poets
who will ink despair,
             spotlight cruelty,
             point out injustice--all the while
illuminating hope, morality, & love,
and of course
wearing wings
bought on Amazon,                        
            white feathers for optimists,
            brown feathers for fascists;
Come writers and critics, who prophesize with 
their pen--cuz the chance won’t come again.

The eyes of the earth,
holding their children
watch intently
as only a few weeks
separate us from our future,
when a new regime
will pick up the reins;
Come senators and congressmen, admit that
there’s a battle outside ragin’, & that the times
they are a---changin’.

Yes, we are the citizens toiling
within the fragile eggshell of democracy,
but many of us are parents as well,
inhabiting empty nests, eying the future
cautiously as our grandchildren grow
and our children vote;
Come mothers & fathers throughout the land,
try & understand--your children are beyond
your command.

Bob Dylan won the
Nobel--first song writer to
do so, praise his words.

Glenn Buttkus

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Kim M. Russell said...

This is just amazing, Glenn:

'What the world needs now
is a hand basket full of poets
who will ink despair,
spotlight cruelty,
point out injustice--all the while
illuminating hope, morality, & love
and of course
wearing wings
bought on Amazon'!

brudberg said...

Oh I do love how you worked his lines into a plea for a change (or maybe it's not to change depending on how you see it)

tonispencer said...

I never cared for Dylan either personally or professionally. However I am glad the Nobel folks got over their tightassery and chose him. Your poem does him excellent homage and the 5-7-5 at the end ties it up nicely.

Gayle Walters Rose said...

Your poem has a much more positive outlook than mine does having been inspired by the same Dylan song. I like how you interspersed his lines with yours, Glenn. I do believe that many senators and congressmen do know that there's a battle going on right under their noses!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Nice juxtapositions here.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Incredible strength rings in this poem with call of action to all us poets to pen down our views. Lovely work, Glenn ❤️

Georgina said...

This is certainly a la Bob Dylan with the political and personal cry. This really has an edge to it but I gues that's also the world we live in at present, very much on the edge.

Grace said...

Love the quote and lines weaving in your poetic voice Glenn ~ We need more poets in the world to ink our angst as well as hope and love ~ An amazing tribute to the songwriter that is Bob ~

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Lord knows, your words hit us where we live. It would be a sad song indeed about how the times are changing now. Love the rallying cry to poets and dreamers.

Unknown said...

Oh yeah. ..the times they are a changin' - too bad is not for the better!

Brian said...

How has it come to this? The more open the society and free the information the more corrupt the process becomes. A great poem here arguing for positive change. said...

...the eyes of the earth holding their children watch intently.....I knew you'd go political on this one. Songs of protest so needed, in every voice, in every pen held by poets, parents guiding young boys' hands, minds and hearts. So well done here - I also went to these "times." Frightening times indeed.

Paul John Dear said...

A poem to spark a revolution perhaps....well we can but hope huh? Wonderful use of Dylan's words to emphasis a point that appears to be getting lost in the mists of time...I'm white feather fella so the kids will come good. They had us for parents ;)

Asobime said...

Well, you convinced me. I have been thinking about the role of poets in society. I believe we have a social and political ...cultural calling to lead out of darkness, and God knows right now, our future is very dark. I think we are on the cusp of WWIII but that is just my opinion.

Brilliant interplay between his words and yours. Your clarion call to action. Poets should lead the charge for change, not fall back.

Brilliant poem, Glenn.

Mother Wintermoon said...

Wow. That packed a powerful punch. Superb work and message. Most excellent.

Stacy MS said...

wonderful political rant.
i believe i have to agree with much of it.

ZQ said...

Nailed it my friend!

Sreeja said...

true...brilliant and graceful!

Lane Savant said...

Nobel committee grabs a little Dylan greatness.
Leonard Cohen says - "It's like putting a sign on Mount Everest saying 'Tallest mountain in the world.'"