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Blackthorne--Scene Fifty-Eight

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Cinemagenic Fifty-Eight


“What is called resignation is really confirmed
desperation.”--Henry David Thoreau

1(sound cue) blues guitar slide.
2(close-up) Bronson smiling--showing his teeth.
3(medium crane wide shot) above & behind the 
three horses in the corral. Buck is walking toward 
them. Bronson is dismounting from his palomino in 
the background. Johnny is moving now, falling in 
behind Buck.
4(reverse crane shot) above & behind the men.
Buck stopped at the pole gate, fiddling with the lariat.
5(sound cue) piano & banjo.
6(medium close-up) Buck, his face rife with stressed
7(close-up) the face of the stallion--Chatawa.
8(two-shot) Johnny catches up with Buck. They both 
stand for a moment with their arms over the fresh 
poles.The men, all walking their mounts close up 
behind them.
9(close-up) Johnny, over Buck’s shoulder:
A sad fucking day.
10(sound cue) Indian branch flute.
11(close-up) Buck, over Johnny’s shoulder:
Today, we choose life. There will be another day when
we will have to speak with our guns.
12(sound cue) Voice-over, Bronson: Come on, fellas. 
Let’s get this transaction over with.
13(two-shot) Buck & the Eagle exchange a look.
14(close-up) Johnny: Let me do this, my Buck. Keep 
your rope. Chatawa is still wearing the one I gave him.
15(close-up) Buck dropping the coiled lariat over a 
fence pole--the sun made it shine golden yellow.
16(sound cue) French horn & harmonica.
17(two-shot) angle on Johnny as he climbed over the 
make-shift pole gate, landing in the dust on the inside.
18(medium close-up)  Chatawa raised his gorgeous
19(medium wide shot) the stallion trotted half the 
distance to Johnny. The rails filled up with Bronson & 
his men.
20(three-shot) Bronson & two of his wranglers.
21(tighten to a two-shot) a cowpoke to Bronson:
Damn my soul--that is one beautiful hunk of
22(medium close-up) Bronson: A solid observation, 
young Chet. We’ve been chasing this phantom for
several months--and now, here he is.
23(medium wide-shot) Johnny bent down & plucked
up a fat handful of bunch grass & held it out in front
of him.
24(medium close-up) Johnny: Apologies, Chatawa,
our courtship was very brief, & there will be no love-
making. I will not be the one to ride you first. You 
have to leave with these men.
25(sound cue) saxophone & snare drum brushing.
26(overhead crane shot) Johnny begins to move 
toward the great spotted stallion,
27(reverse shot) behind the Eagle as he gets nearer
to the Appaloosa, The stud stood very still, keeping 
his eyes on the men at the rails. He raised one hoof 
several times.
28(sound cue) the two mares nickering.
29(two-shot) Johnny stopped right in front of him, 
offering up the sweet dewy prairie greens. Chatawa 
accepted the grass & munched it down. While gently 
petting his neck, Johnny bent down & swooped up 
the loose end of the rope.  
30(close-up) Buck’s face, his eyes moist.
31(overhead crane wide-shot) Johnny led the stallion
toward the gate.
32(sound cue) guitar strumming.
33(wise-shot) behind Johnny, seeing the wranglers
sliding out the fresh-cut poles of the gate.
34(medium close-up) Johnny, over Buck’s shoulder:
How do you like that, boss? He’s gentle as a mule,
after he tried to stomp the crap out of us yesterday.
35(medium wide shot) Johnny handed the rope to
the young wrangler.
36(sound cue) snare drum baps & coronet blast.
37(medium wide shot hold) Chatawa erupted into a
gallop, dragging the cowpoke off his feet. Men jumped

out of the way in five directions. 

Glenn Buttkus

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brudberg said...

Oh I love this... I guess a stallion like this will chose its rider not the other way around. So at the end the bad guys will not win... i look forward to the next installment already.

tonispencer said...

I totally enjoyed the ending to this saga. And yes, the horse will definitely choose!

Truedessa said...

Oh, such a treat I was just thinking of this series today and now look here is segment 58 of the saga.

Apologies, Chatawa, our courtship was very brief, & there will be no love- making. I will not be the one to ride you first. (or will he) the spirits are connected.

You always know the right music to had me on the blue guitar slide :)

Anonymous said...

A stallion on the run and all those instruments in song... life is made up of little details!!!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Fabulous new addition to the series!! Sigh..

Grace said...

Nice one Glenn ~ I am appreciating the backgrounder stuff as I read along the conversation ~ Liking how the horse can be gentle with the master ~

Frank Hubeny said...

It looks like Chatawa was smart enough to trick them.

grapeling said...

is it wrong that I hope Chatawa dragged that guy to his end? ~

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Great story. Wonderful how you pull the reader right in. said...

Soooo late to the reading. Apologies. Bermuda is too beautiful and calls me away from my screen.
But to this one I say, YAY Chatawa!!! Misspelled probably here - apologies. But I was reading with my breath held and was THRILLED to see him bolt and drag that man :)
I await the next installment...:)