Thursday, September 13, 2018


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“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide
the madness.”--Allen Ginsberg.

Aardvarks on golden leashes are
Becoming a common sight in Crazytown;
Cats wearing snake skin zoot suits,
Dancing the bop with their kitties,
Every one of them with slick-backed hair
Fighting other Toms in back alleys.

Gyrating pooches howling the blues,
Having a ball in their pork-pie hats.
Inside the station the rat police plot
Jacked-up charges and bogus fines.
Kind kangaroos are the court judges,
Leaving leeway for folks in Crazytown.

Many of us fear being there late at night;
Nobody, certainly, carries very much cash.
Others are drawn to the spirited melee.
Prostitute opossums wear those short skirts,
Quite ready to offer love for sale, cuz wild
 Rendezvous’s happen often in Crazytown.

Glenn Buttkus

Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub

22 comments: said...

LOVE those prostitute opossums! :)
Vicious in their
Wiley ways in Crazy Town, that
Zoo of a town! :)

LOVE it!
When I posted this prompt, I told my husband this "I love the idea of a sestet because we'll only be reading six line poems....except for Glenn...I KNOW he'll do a multiple sestet poem." TRULY! I DID say that. And I LOVE your post! :) Thanks, my friend...should be some fun and interesting reading on the dVerse trail today.

Victoria Stuart said...

Oh my, this made me laugh so. Living in Crazytown, I'm so happy that you've pointed out all the salient features. This is great!

brudberg said...

Ha... this was so much fun... great idea, and of course Crazytown has a new meaning for many of us today. I just imagine this menagerie lose in a certain house on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Jane Dougherty said...

Clever! Not a place I ever want to visit though!

Frank Hubeny said...

You almost went through the whole alphabet. Nice description of Crazytown.

Vivian Zems said...

A whole town complete with bent police, thieves and hookers.... it'll make a great 'toon. I enjoyed this Crazytown!

susan said...

Excellent! What a fun read.

Amaya said...

Yeah, rendezvous of beat and carnivalesque and Disney. You heard right (have you seen those subliminal messages in the kids cartoons?) What a ride!

Grace said...

Seems like a fun escape from life Glenn ! Love that: Others are drawn to the spirited melee.

tonispencer said...

You realize that possums and especially prostitute possums because of their body temp throw off all manner of diseases. You almost hit all the letters - good for you!

dorianna ric said...

A delightful read, images going crazy in my head...Obviously Crazytown is lively if nothing else. good job and so many letters used.

indybev said...

For a while there I thought Crazytown was going to last through the entire alphabet. What glorious fun this was. The Trumpet's latest tweets have me in a fine state of disgruntlement, so this was a welcome respite!

sillyfrogsusan said...

Outstanding! Bravo!

Unknown said...

Oh my, you had fun! Crazytown for sure.

Anonymous said...

What a fun and interesting poem! Good job.

Gina said...

i loved it and was kind of swaying to a Crazytown beat in my head like from Aristocats (the cartoon) when the cool bad cats play a blues number, there are poems we read that just make our day better than we started, yours really has been one of those for me today - I would like a free pass to this place!! well one!!

Kim M. Russell said...

Wow! You really went to (crazy) town on this one, Glenn! I can imagine those 'Cats wearing snake skin zoot suits' and the gyrating pooches in pork-pie hats! I love the wordplay in 'Kind kangaroos are the court judges' and the image in my head when I read:
'Prostitute opossums wear those short skirts,
Quite ready to offer love for sale...'

kaykuala said...

Love the light-hearted treatment Glenn One can expect anything and everything in Crazytown!
All in a long 3 sestets.


lynn__ said...

Ha! I was hoping you'd finish the Crazy Town alphabet, Glenn :)

Mish said...

I have to love a poem that starts with aardvark. I just have to!

Mary Hood said...

Fun poem!

Unknown said...

Love your creativity, especially prostitute possums. Well done.