Monday, October 29, 2018

Embrace of the Dragon

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Embrace of the Dragon

“All she could think about was how hot his kiss had
been in the dream, and how delicate was the touch
of his claws.”--Thea Harrison, DRAGON BOUND.

When the demons encamped in my bones and
joints, short-circuiting my peripheral nervous
system, by dispatching their Pac-Man ninjas
to attack and devour the mylon sheathing around
the large conductive nerves in my spine, I was
bowled over by their bellicose battering and
piranha bites, sinking fast like a cracked stone
into a deep pool of stygian water.

I searched frantically for cures, for healing, for
answers, for remission, but I only found coal
mine darkness, despair, and schools of red
herrings. All the healers told me I had to accept
the process, for I had designed it myself. I awoke
one sweaty night stiff with pain, drenched with 
tears, and I recognized my hypnagogia--moving
toward wakefulness, but short of the transition.

The walls in the room turned to castle stone, and
they began to rise up, stopping at 50’. I levitated to 
the parapets and I could see dozens of castle
towers, all flying spear-shaped yellow flags, rippling
wild in the wind. I floated back down to my recliner.
I noticed small barred windows mid-wall. Grey-white
smoke began to billow out of the bars, soon filling
the room.

Dark clouds gathered over my head. Suddenly a
featureless figure swung out of my chest. It had a
body, but I could see right through it. Something told
me that this was my Higher Self abandoning me. I
reached out and grabbed it by the wrists. Without
warning, twin searing bolts of white light flashed out
of the smoke and struck me in the chest. I recognized
the kundalini energy, the kiss of the dragon. The
figure leaped back into my chest just as two more 
parallel bolts of pure light struck me, sealing the
egress. There was the thick smell of lavender in the
air. Apparently my transition to the other side of the 
veil would have to wait, for now I had more lessons
to learn, and a new challenge to meet.

Wings like B-17;
with blue eyes radiating
such loving white light.

Glenn Buttkus

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Anmol (HA) said...

This is so interesting — the beginning with the demons and darkness within to the acknowledgment and recognition of hypnagogia, onto the appearance/dissociation of the higher self as energy (kundalini unto itself provides such a philosophical depth to this experience/dream). It's quite mesmerizing in its revelations and all that it holds back. The last line of the prose says it all. I loved your take on the theme of transition.

indybev said...

Such a riveting experience you've portrayed! I would imagine such an experience would certainly change one's outlook. Is that the case?

Merril Smith said...

Wow--quite a transition! Seeing the demons and darkness, and then the light, and all of playing out like a fantasy game. Such an interesting poem.

tonispencer said...

An interesting take on the theme of transition! I agree with Merrill, a very interesting poem!

Grace said...

This sounds like a journey into another dimension, but the body holds and ties you back to the earth. Hope it is not a great health scare that brought this about. I once had an out of body experience, but it was fleeting and soon, I was back on my bed. Was it all in my mind? That warm and loving light is all embracing and soon we will all be at that point to accept it. Take care Glenn!!!

Unknown said...

Wow. Some of my writing, early in my illness, involved castle imagery - I think of the Tower card in Tarot - the sudden collapse of the previous system. Amazing what happens when our life becomes a pressure cooker.

Pat R said...

A very powerful experience. Was there a defibrilltor involved?


Dwight L. Roth said...

Dreams can be quite amazing sometimes!

brudberg said...

The pain of a body ceasing to operate and the desperation of being enclosed by those walls sounds so real, the dreams sounds like a taste of freedom almost. said...

An illness with severe pain....the sheaths of nerve endings...pain so horrific it brings on hallucinations. That is a very severe pain. Even if the writing of those hallucinations is your descriptions are here . . . it does not take away from the experience that this was a transition - that it felt close to death. That death was turned back. I'm glad you're here my friend. Powerful writing and all.

Gina said...

severe pain can attack the mind more than the physical body as the mind is fighting it with energy harnessed from every cell of the body. your haibun was a mind blowing read.

Frank Hubeny said...

I like your description of the "kundalini energy, the kiss of the dragon".

Amaya said...

That's what I'd call a will to live!