Monday, August 26, 2019

New Day

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New Day

I have always been delighted by the prospect of a
new day, searching for that bit of magic behind the
morning.”--J.B. Priestley.

Camped out
on a mountain top,
greeting the sun
rising hot
over the east,
like a gourd
of molten iron
into a sky
clogged with cumulus
that catches fire
for a few magma moments,
like dropping a lit match
onto lamb’s wool--

Glenn Buttkus


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brudberg said...

The view of a dawn is a serene moment... I love the wonderful colors.... intense, yet tranquil said...

Last 8 lines are amazing. Dawn of a new day in a place as you describe - tranquility indeed.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

This is spectacular Glenn.

Xenia Tran said...

This is gorgeous Glenn, what a fabulous place to watch the sun rise!

Jade Li said...

Too beautiful! The photo and poem mirror each other. And we get one of these every day!

p.s. I missed your installment on Thursday night! said...

PS;; My second post to this prompt is dedicated to you! :)

Glenn Buttkus said...

Thank you, dear Lillian! Lisa--sorry about missing OLN. I had a major tooth extraction on Thursday that I'm still recuperating from.

tonispencer said...

Lovely post. I remember camping in the wilderness area of the Smokies. The dawn was always so gorgeous

Grace said...

My favorite time of the day. I specially love this part: a gourd
of molten iron
into a sky

De Jackson said...

Oh, how gorgeous!
"a few magma moments,
like dropping a lit match
onto lamb’s wool"

Stunning, Glenn.

Revived Writer said...

I really like those similes!

Susan Marie Shuman said...

Wow, Glenn. Very evocative!

Jade Li said...

Glenn, dental work is never fun, and an major extraction sounds very unpleasant. Sorry you had to go through it, and hope the space heals quick for you.

robkistner said...

Beautiful pic Glenn, and wonderful reproduction of it with your words. Sorry bout your tooth bros. I went through that the beginning of the yesr that shit’s hard on us old folk. Feel better dude! said...

"magma moments" - love that, and the intense imagery this poem exudes. Excellent, Glenn!

Katie Mia Frederick said...

Before A
Eruption Comes
Again Twilight
on Mountain
Tops of
Fruition Delay
Bliss Remains..:)