Monday, February 10, 2020

Fillet of Stupidity

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Fillet of Stupidity

“Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends
to produce ferocity toward those who aren’t 
members of the herd.”--Bertrand Russell.

who lives
in Philadelphia,
has had his fill
of narrow-minded
xenophobic reactions
to the South Korean
sweeping the Oscars
last night.

Twitter lit up
with bitches and moans
about director Bong Joon-ho
speaking in Korean.
This is just
damned ignorance.

Glenn Buttkus


Posted over at dVerse Poets Pub


De Jackson said...

I did not watch the Oscars, Glenn, but I could not agree more. This world needs to be FILLED with more love, acceptance, and curiosity.

brudberg said...

I think it's a good sign that a film not made in English could be awarded to be the best film... I have not seen Parasite, but I wonder why you would react to people speaking their mother language.

But I guess if your name is Phil and live in Philadelphia you feel that you have some birthright beyond being a person.

Jade Li said...

If I'm catching your drift, that Parasite is the first non-American movie to win an Academy Award, I find the irony in that astounding. American movies have been trying and winning international film awards for a very long time. I'm sure that when an American wins in a non-English-speaking country that their speeches are in English! I'm guessing the Mad Twitterer will have a few choice tweets about it.

Jane Dougherty said...

The Oscars are symptomatic of everything that is wrong with the world.

Grace said...

I agree. Their perspective of the world is very limited and very discriminating to non-English but very talented people.

Frank Hubeny said...

Good quote from Russell. My daughter mentioned that movie. We may see it. I hope it's a comedy, but I imagine it probably isn't.

indybev said...

Those who criticized most likely voted for "the trumpet". Since the film has subtitles, I will most likely not see it, but it certainly seemed to be a popular choice at the ceremony. In summary, I believe it presents a philosophical look at the haves and the have nots.

Arcadia Maria said...

I agree. We need to be more open minded. I have had no problems watching great international films reading the subtitles (I like to hear the native language and not some horrid voice-over in English).

Ken Gierke said...

Not surprising, unfortunately, and it's ridiculous.
This is what happens when we have a xenophobic racist who doesn't hesitate to openly express his stupidity. said...

I don't watch the Oscars, or any of those awards shows full of celebrities patting themselves on the back, but it sounds like you've captured the ridiculousness of the whole thing in 44 short words.

D. Avery said...

I don't watch the Oscars, or even very many (Ok, none) movies. I take this as a recommendation. Off to the theatre, and away from the theatre of the absurd.

Truedessa said...

I didn't watch the Oscars this year but, I heard a lot of grumbling about them at work today.

Yvonne Osborne said...

I will go and see Parasite. Glad you posted this.

Linda Lee Lyberg said...

I didn't watch the Oscars, but I did hear about this. I am constantly amazed at people's reactions to things such as this. Well done Glenn.

Vandana Sharma said...

It is so ironical that such field of art and creativity which is meant to bring people together makes them fall apart. said...

Jade Li said it best!
I watched the awards and was genuinely touched by his acceptance speeches, via interpreter. And I was most proud when the lights went down on the house at the end signalling the end of the show and the audience, all together, chanted and gestured to raise them up again and give them their due....and they did! :) Wonderful!
And good commentary on it here, Glenn. Aptly said, Phil from Philadelphia...that could well be a meme! :) said...

Did not see the Oscars, but saw snippets of it on the news. I heard about this movie, however, and can't wait to see it.